Sunday, March 7, 2021

Send a Friend Lasagna

Ok, here’s a quick post to tell you about “Send a friend lasagna.” I heard about this service on twitter around the beginning of the pandemic, and have only continued to hear more as it goes on and on and on… I even sent one to my parents at the beginning of the lock down when we couldn’t see them as much. My parents loved it, but I just hadn’t gotten around to getting one for myself.

Recently, I had the opportunity to host a small group of friends who have all been vaccinated, as well as feed my own kids and family so I ordered a couple different options. We had the straight up regular one (meat, noodles and cheese) ($30), the gluten free version for a friend who cannot eat gluten ($44) and the gorgonzola lasagna ($40) for something different. I will say, I like lasagna, but I don’t get super excited about it unless it is super good—and these lasagnas qualified. Everyone really enjoyed all the versions. The straight up version is exactly what you want—just enough meat and sauce combined with the right noodle strength to hold it all together.

The gluten free was a hit with my friend who has recently learned she can’t eat gluten—and she had plenty to take home to share with her kids, one of whom also can’t eat gluten. The gorgonzola version was also very tasty too—soooo rich with lots of cheese and cream as well as ham and chicken. It didn’t hold together as well as the standard version, but it didn’t really matter because it tasted so good! But you had to eat it in small doses—I really liked a bit of both on my plate. And we ate it for several meals due to all the leftovers. 

They deliver straight to your door when you need it, which is super convenient. It was a little challenging to get them all on the table at the same time, as the gluten free cooks at a higher temperature and for longer, but I made it work. I wished I would have rested the gorgonzola version a bit longer just because it seemed like it could have benefited, but ultimately, it didn’t matter because it tasted so good. And like I said, it was a meal that lasted for days. IF I wasn’t hosting others, I would just freeze smaller portion sizes for my immediate family and eat it over the course of several months. (You can easily feed at least 8 servings from one lasagna).

This is a great option when you want a family meal that is clearly homemade, but you don’t want to make it. Highly recommend. And there are some other flavor options if you are looking for vegetarian or just noodle-free. If lasagna is your thing, you are gonna want to try it. 

Send a friend lasagna


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