Friday, March 27, 2009

Some Guys Pizza

I know Indy people have a thing for whatever “their” pizza is and I know Some Guys is one of those places with a loyal following who will probably be peeved by this review, but what can I say? Before we moved back to Indy years ago, Some Guys used to be one of our favorite pizzas to order when we visited too. We ordered it for awhile when we first moved back, but started trying some other things and lost interest because it seemed to be falling off (especially if you ordered it delivery or even take out). But we were going to an event nearby and hubby had enjoyed a meal there recently when I was sick, so we decided to go back to Some Guys one evening with the kids and see how it was dining in.

One of the things I don’t like about a lot of the pizza places around here is that many of the tomato sauces seem so sweet to me or something. So after looking at the choices I decided to try one of the specialty wood fired pizzas that had a pesto sauce instead of a tomato sauce. It was called the “artichoke” and it had artichokes, black olives, tomatoes and sun dried tomatoes. Hubby got a traditional pizza with mushrooms and red onions and we shared a small salad and garlic bread. The kids had a cheese pizza.

If you have eaten at Some Guys, or many of the other similar pizza places around, they all seem to have that same or similar salad with minimal lettuce, a few other pizza toppings and lots and lots of cheese (assuming it is the same cheese that goes on the pizza as well). Actually, come to think of it, the only thing in the salad that isn’t on a pizza as well is the lettuce. Anyway, it is really more like cheese and the other pizza toppings (like olives, green peppers and onions) with a bit of lettuce and a decent balsamic vinaigrette with gorgonzola in it.

The garlic bread is good, basic garlic bread and you can add cheese (we didn’t). In fact, my parents used to like to go in and just get garlic bread with cheese and a topping (like sausage), a salad, and call it a meal.

As for the pizza, I don’t know, I wasn’t overly impressed. The crust was too big and poofy and the ingredients tasted like they are just straight out of a can. In fact, the crust on hubby’s pizza (which I don’t think came out of the wood oven) was better because it wasn’t so bready. Even though my pizza had the pesto sauce, it was still a little dry and didn’t have a lot of flavor. The kids’ basic cheese pizza was probably the best of all of them because it was thin and crisp.

I will say, we had a very friendly and enthusiastic server who was super nice to the kids and gave us very generous wine pours. She alone almost makes me want to go back. Almost. But there are so many pizza places in this City, and I think several that are better. Hey, by the way, post a comment and let me know what your favorite pizza place is, I would love to hear about it.

Some Guys Pizza
6235 Allisonville Rd
Indy 46220


  1. Chicago Style - Nancy's
    Chain - Donatos
    Local - Ale Emporium, Roselli's, Bella @ Clay Terrace.

    Great review, I was wondering how Some Guys was.

  2. Check out WB Pizza also at 62nd and Allisonville. It looks generic on the outside, but the pizza is some of my favorite. I believe the shop owner had another pizza place in Hammond, IN. He specializes in Chicago style pizza, but their specialty pizzas are great -- I think the Palermo is my favorite. Friendly service.

  3. Bazbeaux is by far my favorite. Goodfellas is pretty good too.

  4. Try Stephano's in Fishers. They have a wood burning oven and make a pie close to the NY style. Definitely eat in as the to go pizzas are never as good. Also, their plain salad has something really unusual for Indy. The salad has lettuce and vegetables in it.

  5. I have to second WB Pizza and add that Datsa Pizza at about 11th and Penn (across from the Living Room Lounge) is great for quality basic pizza - no fancy ingredients, just the basics, but quality - their spicy sausage is imported from Italy and is phenominal. Plus, I don't think their sauce is too sweet, which I agree is also a problem.

  6. I second Bazbeaux. By far my favorite pizza place. If we're ordering it in for delivery though, we do Marco's (we live in broadripple).

  7. Gotta say -- I think Ale Emporium is my absolute fav pizza in town. I used to love Bazbeaux, but it just doesn't seem the same in recent years.

  8. I also like WB Pizza right down the street from Some Guys. My favorite is their BLT Pizza. They put the lettuce and tomato on at the very end.

  9. Oh, I almost forgot, the BEST Margharita pizza in town comes from Iaria's - think, flaky crust, lots of garlic and sharp fontina, great olive oil, flavorful tomatoess and basil...

  10. thanks to all of you for your great suggestions!

  11. WB Pizza has the savory, sassy pizza sauce you're after (and for chains, so does Marco's). It's GREAT and they also have beer cheese dipping sauce for their melt-in-your-mouth garlic bread.

    Top 5 Indy pizza
    1 Giorgio's (NY style)
    2 Puccini's (gourmet, thin crust)
    3 Jockamo's (best Bazbeaux clone, way better than Bazbeaux)
    4 WB Pizza (thin & Chicago styles)
    5 Sal's Pizzeria (Brownsburg, buttery flaky crust)

    unexpected delight: Binkley's pizza (love cornmeal crusts)

    Bazbeaux sucks. I won't give the Bermans my money.

  12. My two picks would be Ale Emporium (get take out if you are bothered by second-hand smoke) and Puccinis.

  13. Our favorite pizza place is someguys. We get the same thing every time, which is a medium special. You're right the woodoven crust just isn't good. If you don't put the cheese on the salad it makes a much better salad.