Tuesday, March 3, 2009



Decided to live it up and hit Elements for lunch for something new. All my usual lunch places just aren’t exciting me this week. Was so glad we made the trek downtown! But hey, don’t try it any day except Friday, because that is the only day they serve lunch (and Sundays for brunch).

Hubby had the Croque Madame made with toasted brioche topped with goat cheese, sautéed pork belly (oh my, that was a crispy little bit of heaven), and an egg, sunny side up. Man, this was spectacular. I had quite a bit of it, even though I didn’t order it myself. Came with a nice little side salad, properly dressed (I have always said Elements knows how to do a salad and dress it appropriately—their dinner salads are probably the best in the City.) Our waiter told us that he has one customer that comes in every Friday for this sandwich religiously. And I can see why.

I ordered the sliders made with skirt steak, blue cheese, caramelized onions, and horseradish cream served on what I believe are the classic Elements’ dinner rolls (which I love). These two little sliders were also quite good, and I have to comment that this thin little piece of skirt steak was cooked perfectly medium rare which is something that I have found to be a problem in the past at dinner service. So kudos on that. The only thing that was somewhat challenging was it was hard to eat the sliders like a true sandwich (i.e. with you hands) because skirt steak is, by its nature, a slightly tough cut of beef, and sometimes it was hard to daintily rip the bite off with my teeth. By the end, I moved on to using a knife and fork which was much better, and probably a little more civilized looking. Good amount of blue cheese and a perfect little side salad with thinly sliced Portobello mushrooms and pinenuts.

What a nice treat for a random Friday lunch—would definitely be a fave of mine if I was a downtown worker.

415 North Alabama Street
Indy 46204


  1. Skirt Steak is actually at its most tender/best when it is cooked to medium. Its way too chewy when its rare, and so fatty that even when medium well its still juicy and delicious.

  2. well, I didn't tell them how to cook it, it just came that way--and it was really tasty, but maybe that explains why it was hard to rip the bites off.