Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Illinois Street Food Emporium

Stopped in for a quick bite at Illinois Street Food Emporium. Have not been here since I was a kid—and honestly, I don’t think I ever actually ate in the restaurant. We always got carry out. The food is simple deli sandwiches—nothing fancy, except that many of them are served on yummy croissants that I believe are made in house. The toppings were fresh, but like I said, nothing you couldn’t put together at home, but once they are stacked up on that flaky croissant, it is worth the trip!

I had the turkey, avocado, bacon, and jack cheese. The bacon was nice and crispy and the avocado nice and ripe (although I could’ve used a bit more on my sandwich, but that’s just me). There was certainly enough of the other ingredients anyway). There was a ton of turkey, and I took a bit of it off because it made the sandwich so huge, but I ate just about every bite of that croissant. Yummy.

The interior is much like the food, nothing fancy, and it has clearly been there a long time. As my sister said, the wooden chairs remind you of the ones you sat at in elementary school, except bigger. The service is fast (you order at the counter, pick up your drinks, and they bring it out to you shortly thereafter). Other than sandwiches, they have soups and a few specials like a quiche of the day, and a pretty large bakery selection.

Illinois Street Food Emporium
5550 N. Illinois Street
Indy, 46208

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  1. Out of work cook here just wanting to say that I love your site and I had the silliest dream. I've yet to live in a kitchen with a proper chartcurtrie statiob, but we had one in the dream that doubled with a cheese station. Seeing it in my dream I wish we had more of these, after hours maybe.