Tuesday, March 10, 2009

E Miracle

Looking to get out of the usual, and because a friend or two recommended it, we headed over to E Miracle in Fishers for lunch. It is one of those restaurants in a strip mall that you may drive by a million times and not know it is there. Inside though it is quite large and has a separate section to do Korean barbeque on the table which I haven’t seen since living in the Bay Area. Unfortunately, I didn’t notice it until we had already sat down and ordered or else I would have probably ordered that. It is something that is normally done there at dinner time, but the very friendly waiter told us they would happily do it for lunch as well (after all, it is raw meat they bring out for you to cook and season yourself, how hard can that be for them?).

But we ordered a Korean lunch box from the lunch menu. I ordered the chicken bulgogi and I also tried the beef bulgogi that one of my dining companions had. They came with Kim chi, fried rice (I tried it, but ordered steamed myself) and 4 pieces of California rolls. Which brings me to one of the interesting points of this menu, it really a half Korean, half Japanese (well really more than half Japanese) menu. They have lots of sushi and rolls and apparently a sushi chef who is quite talented from what I have read. However, I didn’t try the Japanese portion of the menu (other than the California rolls).

I sort wished I had though after having my bulgogi. The chicken and pork versions of this traditional dish were described as much more spicy and consisted of cut up pieces of chicken breast that were liberally doused in a red spicy sauce. The chicken was a little too dry and the sauce, while spicy, lacked much depth in my mind.

The beef bulgogi (which is really how bulgogi is traditionally served apparently) was described as not spicy and marinated pieces of beef. It was not covered in the sauce and was better than the chicken I thought, but still not overly exciting.

The fried rice was fairly unmemorable and the steamed rice a bit too hard (I think it had been sitting a bit too long). The California rolls were standard Hoosier versions of the classic with “Krab” sticks, avocado and slices of cucumber. The Kim chi (which is spicy fermented cabbage) was ok too, but nothing worth writing home about. Hubby liked it much more than I did though. (Actually, I should note that I think all of the others I ate with on this day enjoyed the food more than I did.)

Although this lunch was pretty uninspiring, I would like to go back to this place and try my own Korean barbeque on the grills and see how it is….I did do this a few times in Oakland when I worked there and besides for all the male lawyers I was with assuming I should do all the cooking, it was quite tasty. I am not going to write this place off yet, but if you go for lunch, try the dinner menu or go for sushi—hopefully it will be more interesting. I will let you know.

E Miracle
11003 Allisonville Road
Fishers, 46038
(no website I could find)(But for fun, here’s a link to a site on the dos and don’ts of Korean BBQ: http://www.thefoodsection.com/foodsection/2005/04/korean_barbecue.html)


  1. If you enjoy Korean barbeque, you should go to Mama's House on Pendleton Pike. I think it is the best in town. While they have very good bi bim bop and bulgolgi, the Korean BBQ is the best. Just be a little careful as it isn't in the best neighborhood. You definitely go for the food, not the environment.

  2. i second that Mama's is the best. don't forget your kimchi to go! Is this in the same location as the Korean place that closed maybe 6 months ago or so?

  3. I have never gone to mamas house I drove by 1 time and was scared to park in fear of my car getting stolen...I have been to E. Mircale and lets just say I have no reason to consider going anywhere else. Along with the exeptional service they have the best Kalbi.. it is marinated to perfection..the meat is always fresh and so is the sushi...it is better than other places I have been too also there is never a risk of somone yelling at you from behind the sushi counter 20ft. away (personal experience).. E Miracle is THE only place to if you would like Korean or Japanese food.

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  5. Mama's House is wonderful. I go there for lunch about every two weeks and everything I have tried has been delicious. While it's not the greatest of neighborhoods, I highly doubt you are going to get your car stolen. I never felt unsafe there. It's located on the south side of Pendleton Pike near the corner of Post Rd. in a stip mall. I highly recommend it.

  6. FYI, stopped by this place the other day and they're moving to Old Meridian in Carmel .... sounded like they'll be redoing the menu quite a bit.