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Monday, February 17, 2014

Don Gusto PJ

A couple of you guys had recommended this place to me and I was intrigued so I convinced my friend @wibia to go check it out with me. I can almost always convince him to try a place that serves a burrito.
It is fairly far down on South Meridian—not sure I have ever eaten at a place around there.  We walked in and were greeted warmly—it was a little unclear whether you order at the counter, which we started to do, but then the chef (and I’m guessing owner) gave us menus and told us to sit down and he would wait on us. He was very friendly and helpful and helped me choose what I wanted on my torta.

While they have other Mexican items, they seem to specialize in tortas, so I figured I would try one. I had the “Especial” ($8.50). On this sandwich you chose 3 types of meat and then it came with cheese, eggs, mayo, tomatoes, onions, lettuce, avocado and refried beans.  I went with the breaded chicken cutlet (at the chef’s suggestion), pork and shredded beef. There’s a lot of stuff going on here. It was hard to differentiate the different flavors of the meat, but I did enjoy the sandwich. And I did like the chicken cutlet a lot more than I thought I would. It was super thin and very lightly breaded and gave a little texture variation from everything else going on. I also like that there’s eggs on nearly every sandwich—because I love eggs (I am sure they would hold them though if you wanted). It was fried pretty hard, but still gave a nice eggy flavor. I liked the bun—it was soft but held up to what ended up being A LOT of stuff on the torta. They also brought out two bottles of salsa to use and both were good. There was a green jalapeno sauce and a red chipotle sauce and I used a fair amount of both on the sandwich to just liven up the flavor. Neither were overly hot. I liked the sandwich and you definitely got a lot of food for your buck.

Wibia had a burrito (of course) ($4.99) and a taco ($1.50). I thought the taco was decent—he had the pastor and it had a decent amount of fairly tender meat and flavor, but didn’t jump out at me for anything. I thought the burrito was a little disappointing, mainly because there just wasn’t a lot of meat in it (he had steak). You can pretty much see what I mean from the picture. A lot of rice, a lot of lettuce and very little meat. It is kind of surprising actually considering how generous they are with the tortas. I mean, they are more expensive, but not that much. Everything seemed nice and fresh in there, but I would certainly steer anyone who was going to try this place to definitely go with a torta (and there are lots of different options).

The place is not fancy, but very clean. You can see the entire kitchen from the dining area, so it is good to see how well-kept everything is. I would love to know if you guys have been here.

Don Gusto PJ
3960 South Meridian
Indy  46217

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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Brozinni - Revisit

Hubby and I were headed down to Louisville, and it was with all good intentions that I was going to try a new place. I swear. But then were thinking about how long it had been since we had been to Brozinni and the more we talked about it, the more we needed to go.

It was a Saturday though, and apparently they do table service on Saturdays—so we sat down and waited to be waited on. There was no need to peruse the menu; we knew exactly what we wanted.

We started with a small order of garlic knuckles ($2.50) (you get 4 knuckles) and then our slices (I think mine was $3.75 and hubby’s was $4.00).  The knuckles are little twists of pizza dough that are sitting in a huge amount of garlic butter.  Honestly, it’s the butter that makes these things so freakin’ good, and you really have to get it to have the butter to dip your pizza crust in.  The pizza is New York style—thin crust, but not too thin, and huge foldable slices.

For my slice, I got my classic, mushrooms and red onion, which they have to make up for me, but they just take a cheese slice and add the veggies and a little more cheese. I love that the onions are chopped fine and you get some in every bite.  I love that the sauce is savory, and there is just the right amount of it, and I love the chewy, but slightly puffy crust. I love this pizza.

Hubby had sausage, pepperoni, and mushroom, which was one of the ones that were pre-made. He thoroughly enjoyed it, but decided he actually liked mine even more just because it is so hard to get a pizza in this town with just the right amount of red onions on it like this one.  I think he’ll be getting what I had next time. 

The slices are pretty darn big (think two regular triangular pieces of pizza put together) and for me (and hubby too), one of them plus a couple knuckles is more than enough for lunch. And like I said, one of my favorite parts is dipping the edges of the crust into the garlic butter.

When people ask me what my favorite pizza is in Indy, I always say Brozinni. It had been awhile since I had been there though, so I always worry that things might have gone downhill. I think this was pretty much a perfect Brozinni experience. The pizza was great and the service was quick. It’s a casual place, and pretty inexpensive for what you’re getting.  I’m a fan.

Brozinni Pizzeria
8810 S. Emerson Ave
Indy 46237

Monday, January 2, 2012

Thai Spice

Hey, Southsiders! Look, I’m doing a southside post!  I know, I don’t do that many, but it is a long drive for me after all.  But vacation meant we had a little extra time so we decided to try Thai Spice finally.  Every time I write about Thai food, several people always mention Thai Spice. But believe me, driving right by Brozinni’s was a test of my will power.
So the restaurant is set in what looks like an old bank, you know those ones that look sort of like schoolhouses or something?  And the interior is pretty cute.  They have spent some money on it and they have lots of cute glass lotus light fixtures. I liked them.  (Check out my shot of the bathroom sink too.)  I was a little annoyed that they sat another couple right next to us when there were many other tables available, but that’s just one of my pet peeves.
We were there at lunch, and they have a more limited menu, and each lunch came with soup, a fried spring roll and what I think was a little slice of fried banana with a honey sauce on top (all lunches are $7.80). I am thinking it was lemongrass soup—and there were bits of onion, cilantro, tomato and mushrooms in it, and a touch of chili oil, but honestly, it didn’t have a lot of flavor.  Sometimes I really like the little freebie Thai soups and sometimes they are just ok, this one was just ok.  The two fried items were pretty good, although not very hot, like maybe they make them up in batches and keep them warm.  But a nice assortment of stuff to try before your meal.
Hubby and I shared a couple of things—his all time favorite, the Padd Seuw which is the wide Thai noodles stir fried with Chinese broccoli, bok choy and protein of your choice.  He actually asked for pork, but got chicken, but it was still really really good. The chicken was tender and the dish had a great garlic flavor—a tiny bit of sweetness, a little acid, and some saltiness from soy as well. The rice noodles were fresh and so good—we both wished for more of them.  I would get this again in a second.
The other dish we tried was the Padd Ped which was a rice dish with stir fried chicken (again, your choice of protein) with eggplant, green beans and basil and bamboo shoots in a red chili paste sauce.  Neither one of us cared for this one.  This was a new (and unfamiliar) dish for me (trying new things you know) and there was coconut milk in it, and I am not a big fan of coconut milk.  If it had been listed, I wouldn’t  have ordered it.  Also, the eggplant was the little round green Thai eggplant and honestly, I am not sure I have ever had them before, but they were kind of hard as a rock.  Not sure if they were just not cooked enough, but I did not care for them. Live and learn. We left most of this dish.
The service was very friendly and fairly fast, and I was impressed when the lady chased us to the door asking us if she could make us something else that we might like better.  She was quite distressed that we didn’t like the Padd Ped.  I thought that was nice.  And honestly, if hubby weren’t in such a rush, I might have just taken her up on it.  Of course, she could have just taken it off the bill, but I wouldn’t expect that just because I ordered something I didn’t really like. 
Anyway, I can see why people like this place, and if it were nearby, I would certainly add it into my rotation.
Thai Spice
2220 East County Line Rd
Indy 46227

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Gray Brothers Cafeteria

This place has been on my list for quite a while, and recently I was even scolded a bit for not having been before.   So the other day, I bribed my BFF to make the like 2 ½ hour trip out to Mooresville and back to go to Gray Brothers.  I drove and bought her lunch.  She was a bit dubious… “Erin, there is no cafeteria that can be worth this kind of drive.”  But she is used to me, and knows that once I have my mind on something, well I tend to be a pain in the ass until I make it happen.
When we got there, we were happy to see the line wasn’t too long (although the fence posts in the line area sort of made me feel a little bit like cattle).  I knew I was getting the fried chicken before I walked in the door, and I did. I got one piece of white and one dark (breast and leg)(a little over $5 for both) to give them both a try.  So, in thinking about this review, I realized I need to differentiate again between the types of fried chicken.  There’s the kind that has a sort of breading/batter on it (a la MCL) and then there’s the kind that is just lightly seasoned and floured chicken pieces.  Gray’s is the latter.  Now I like both types when done well, but you have to season it well if you are just going to do the lightly floured kind.  This was my problem with Gray’s—the skin tasted good, but wasn’t amazing because it wasn’t seasoned much.  And the breast piece (as is so often the case) was dry.  The leg was much more tender and all in all tasted better, but I still put Mississippi Belle up there as the best of this genre of fried chicken. And WAY closer to my house.
For my sides I had mac and cheese and mashed potatoes (my stand by fried chicken sides) ($1.80 each) and I got a yeast roll ($0.85).  I liked the roll—super soft and light.  The mashed potatoes were fine, a little drier than I like, but then again, I am not usually a gravy person and maybe they assume you will put gravy on them.  The mac and cheese was pretty disappointing.  Tasted a lot like processed cheese to me—that too smooth, too uniform , with a slight aftertaste flavor.  You know what I mean.
The BFF got the chicken and noodles ($3.99) and commented on the fact that she liked that the noodles were clearly homemade, but she didn’t feel like they were so good that they were worth that kind of drive.
I also got a piece of pie, because everyone who has ever talked about why this place is good, always talks about the homemade pie.  Well, so maybe I was supposed to order the sugar cream pie, but honestly, I generally prefer a fruit pie.  And when I saw they were offering apricot pie, I went for it, because, well, I love apricots ($2.55).  As I ate it, the BFF made a comment about what I was doing as I sort of picked at it—she said exactly what I was thinking. “Are you trying to find a piece of fruit?”  I was looking for a piece of fruit.  Even a teeny bit of fruit.  The pie crust was good and crunchy with a sugary crust, but there was not much fruit to it at all. Now I know fruit pies have their fair share of that gelatinous filling as well, and I realize that this is not the season for apricots (or pretty much any other fruits in the pies) but this one really had little fruit to it.
So, not trying to sound really negative, but I am not getting the desire to make the drive from my house to go back to Gray Brothers.  If I lived nearby, I might go there occasionally.  But if I want cafeteria food, with two locations of MCL within like 7 miles of my house, I think it unlikely I would make that kind of drive.  So I know some of you may want to yell at me, but I’m just being honest. 
Gray Brothers Cafeteria
555 South Indiana
Mooresville, IN 46158

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Friday, September 3, 2010

Brozinni Pizzeria

Having discussed New York style pizza several times here on my blog, and after reading the very positive review from Would I Buy It Again, I knew I needed to try Brozzini’s. We were on our way south the other day on 65, and I realized this was the perfect opportunity—it is right off 65 at County Line Road.

At lunch they offer all kinds of slices. And these are the kind of slices that you can make a meal out of. They are at least the size of two pieces of pizza elsewhere. Now, I am not saying there was not an urge to order more than one slice, but seriously, one is enough. Hubby had pepperoni and sausage—the classic combo right? And I wanted a veggie combo. I asked what they had, and there were only a couple, but they told me they can make any combo I wanted with the cheese pizza base. So I went with my perfect, favorite pizza flavor—mushroom and red onion. They take your slice and heat it up in the big pizza oven and then bring it to your table.

Let me just cut to the chase. This is one of the best pieces of pizza I have had since I have lived in Indiana. It isn’t fancy, but it is delicious. The crust is really really good—although the pieces are so big, I have to say the first few bites are the best. By the time you get to the edge of the crust, it isn’t as crispy (I told you these things are big) so savor those first few bites. They are pizza perfection. The crust has a great flavor, slightly salty, and the toppings were great too. Lots of sliced fresh mushrooms and an even covering of diced red onions. Hubby was also quite pleased with the sausage and pepperoni. The sauce is mild and savory and not overwhelming the crust (I hate saucy pizza) This is as close to reliving my all time favorite New York style pizza from San Francisco as it gets.

I didn’t see them when I ordered but they also have these great looking “knuckles” that I noticed several people got with their slice for lunch. They are described as “Brozinni’s famous dough, twisted smothered and then baked in a dripping garlic butter sauce.” So even though one slice of pizza was really enough, I would have to give one of these a try next time with my slice.

There are lots more things on the menu (calzones, pasta and sandwiches) but there is no way I would ever get anything but pizza here. Seriously, if this place was anywhere near me (sadly it is a good 35 minute drive), it would be my regular pizza place.

Brozzini Pizzeria
8810 S. Emerson Avenue
Indy 46237

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