Friday, September 3, 2010

Brozinni Pizzeria

Having discussed New York style pizza several times here on my blog, and after reading the very positive review from Would I Buy It Again, I knew I needed to try Brozzini’s. We were on our way south the other day on 65, and I realized this was the perfect opportunity—it is right off 65 at County Line Road.

At lunch they offer all kinds of slices. And these are the kind of slices that you can make a meal out of. They are at least the size of two pieces of pizza elsewhere. Now, I am not saying there was not an urge to order more than one slice, but seriously, one is enough. Hubby had pepperoni and sausage—the classic combo right? And I wanted a veggie combo. I asked what they had, and there were only a couple, but they told me they can make any combo I wanted with the cheese pizza base. So I went with my perfect, favorite pizza flavor—mushroom and red onion. They take your slice and heat it up in the big pizza oven and then bring it to your table.

Let me just cut to the chase. This is one of the best pieces of pizza I have had since I have lived in Indiana. It isn’t fancy, but it is delicious. The crust is really really good—although the pieces are so big, I have to say the first few bites are the best. By the time you get to the edge of the crust, it isn’t as crispy (I told you these things are big) so savor those first few bites. They are pizza perfection. The crust has a great flavor, slightly salty, and the toppings were great too. Lots of sliced fresh mushrooms and an even covering of diced red onions. Hubby was also quite pleased with the sausage and pepperoni. The sauce is mild and savory and not overwhelming the crust (I hate saucy pizza) This is as close to reliving my all time favorite New York style pizza from San Francisco as it gets.

I didn’t see them when I ordered but they also have these great looking “knuckles” that I noticed several people got with their slice for lunch. They are described as “Brozinni’s famous dough, twisted smothered and then baked in a dripping garlic butter sauce.” So even though one slice of pizza was really enough, I would have to give one of these a try next time with my slice.

There are lots more things on the menu (calzones, pasta and sandwiches) but there is no way I would ever get anything but pizza here. Seriously, if this place was anywhere near me (sadly it is a good 35 minute drive), it would be my regular pizza place.

Brozzini Pizzeria
8810 S. Emerson Avenue
Indy 46237

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  1. I'm glad you finally tried this place. It's hands down the best NYC style pizza in Indy and probably the best pizza overall.

    The key, as you mentioned, is the crust. It's something many places don't do well, but they've nailed it. It has a yeasty, savory, and slightly sour depth of flavor that lets you know that the yeast has been allowed to do its work. The chewy crispy texture of the crust indicates the same thing.

    I'm actually a huge fan of their breadsticks, because they really allow the dough itself to shine. However, the slices are so huge that a slice and one breadstick is overkill.

    That's actually my biggest beef with this place. The slices are so ridiculously huge that even eating just one makes me feel like doing absolutely nothing but digesting for the next 3 or 4 hours. It would be a great place to drop in and have a slice if they were more snack-sized. Then, you could try two different kinds if you wanted a meal.

  2. I'll have to head down there to try their pizza. I've enjoyed Da Big Formaggio (formerly eh Formaggio!) on the northwest side for a few years, now (56th & Lafayette Rd)

    Real New Yorkers, real slices, real brick oven, thin crust, homemade sauce tasty cheese, "fold-able" slices. Good stuff!

    I've had their antipasto salad as well and it was filled with Italian meats, cheese, peppers & olives. Before the economy went south, they told me they were going to expand into Avon, but sadly, nothing yet.

    Erin, please pay them a visit and see what you think. I'm so starved for good pizza that isn't "chain joint" or generic "food supply company product" pie.

  3. Condimentality: yes, the crust is great. Especially those first few bites...

    Victor: I will put it on the list..thanks for the rec.

  4. Thanks for the linkage... we love the pizza there. Otherwise than Roselli's, northside pizza is pretty bad..I wish that it was within 35 minutes as well...but maybe it is a good thing that it is not.

  5. I hate to be the lone dissenter here, but I'll give my honest opinion. I think Brozinni is lovely pizza and some of the best I've had in Indy. It's fresh and very gourmet, and I highly respect the owner's NY pedigree. (One of them actually gave us a free order of garlic knots, which I must say were the highlight of the meal.) However, in my quest for the NY-style pizza that I crave and love, this was not quite it. The crust at Brozinni was really puffy, more like Tuscan bread and less like the pizza crust I've had in good New York slice joints. (It kind of reminded me of a gourmet version of a Boboli crust, if that makes any sense.) When I think of great NY-slice joint pizza, I think of Joe's on Carmine (although it's gone a bit downhill since in moved) or Sal and Carmine's in the UWS. The thin crust has the right balance of crisp on the outside and chewy yet tender on the inside, with the great yeast flavor that someone else mentioned. I think it's the hardest part to duplicate. A cheese slice can stand alone because the sauce tastes bright and lightly seasoned, and the cheese has great mozza taste. Here's more info on Joe's Of course, there are lots of other pizza styles that can be found in NYC, like coal-fired, Sicilian, Neapolitan, etc., the kind at places like Joe's is really just distinctive yet simple street food. (It actually tends to be on the greasy side, and is definitely not elevated cuisine.) I've tried other places in Indy, as well, but haven't had anything close. I did hear that Italia Mia in Westfield (run by a former partner at Cio's) is another place to try. Fortunately, I leave tomorrow for NYC and will probably grab a slice and venture to Motorino for some NY-Neapolitan.

  6. Fabulouso- Thanks for writing--I really appreciate hearing your viewpoint here. To be honest, it has been quite awhile (waaaayyyy too long actually) since I have eaten NY style pizza in New York so it is hard sometimes to remember all the nuances. I have eaten great NY style pizza many other places, but not in NY for a long time. I do really like Brozzini's though and think it is some of the best pizza Indy has, NY style or not.

  7. Having lived in NY for 40+ years I think I can say I've had my fair share of NY style pies. Let me just say that by far Brozinni's reigns supreme in accomplishing the tastes and textures from back "home." In all truth, now I prefer to the pizza joints I frequented back in NY. The garlic knots (knuckles) are terribly unhealthy but nonetheless delicious! Try them. Great service too!

  8. I've had better pizza at LaGuardia. (I'm serious. The DeMarcos of DiFara in Brooklyn fame opened up Tagliare and it serves a good slice.) Brozinni serves thin crust pizza, but it doesn't taste like the authentic NY-style pizza you get in all the boroughs (not the suburbs of Indianapolis.)

  9. Having read about Brozzini's while perusing the blog looking for Super Bowl suggestions, I tried it Thursday for lunch- and was back on Friday- and I live in Columbus (disclosure: I was in G'wood both days on business). It was delicious- more than lived up to its billing. If you tell them you are a newbie- as I did- they offer a couple of "knuckles" to sample. That- plus a slice- is plenty. Cool people, also