Thursday, September 23, 2010

La Mie Emilie

Remember how I was asking about French Bistros the other day? Well, I found one. And not just did I find one, but I really liked this one. This was a meal that caused me to be in a good mood all day because I love knowing that yes, there are still hidden gems to be found around town. For me, the only downside is the restaurant is in downtown Carmel, which means a little hike for me, but I’ll manage.

La Mie Emile is mainly a lunch spot, but they also serve dinner (with a more limited menu) three nights a week. As a lunch spot though, this place was doing a booming business (apparently a lot of people have discovered this gem before I did) and when we left, I think every table was full, including the ones outside. They have quite an extensive dessert and specifically, pie list. In fact, the entire backside of the menu is desserts.

First of all, they had buckwheat crepes! I have loved buckwheat crepes ever since I lived in California, and worked in Oakland, we had a little crepe place run by a charming Frenchman from Brittany (open only for a couple of years sadly until he returned to France) who made wonderful savory buckwheat crepes that I have been trying to duplicate at home for the last 10 years or so. The crepe here was as close as I have come. I ordered the Galette avec Jambon et Fromage which is ham, Gruyere cheese, and an over easy egg, all wrapped in the buckwheat crepe. Because I wanted to see how close it would be to the one I always used to order, and because I just like to be difficult, I substituted mushrooms for the ham (which they did without even a blink of an eye).

The crepe was delicious. The crepe itself was light and was filled with just the right amount of cheese and mushrooms, and the one, perfectly cooked, and nicely seasoned egg. I do not like crepes that are overstuffed to the point of being more like an omelet wrapped in a crust of crepe. This is light, tasty and just the right amount of food for a nice light, healthy lunch. I am quite sure the version with ham is good as well, but if they will continue to make it for me, I will likely continue to order my version. They served it with fruit on the side.

Hubby had the Croque Madame which is a French version of a hot ham and cheese sandwich (well if it is just ham and cheese, it is a Croque Monsieur; the egg on top makes it a “madame”). It is slices of French bread, with ham in between, Gruyere cheese melted on top, and another beautifully cooked over easy egg on top. This was very tasty as well, and was more filling than mine because of the two hearty slices of bread. Hubby quite enjoyed it as well.

I had to try a sweet crepe as well, just because I was so excited about my first course. I just wanted something simple so I ordered the crepe with chocolate ganache. There were three of them in my dessert order neatly folded and served with the chocolate sauce inside and out. It was good—not overly sweet, but the sauce tasted like it was made with decent quality chocolate. It probably needed a scoop of ice cream or some whipped cream maybe to finish it, but I was the one who chose what I had. They had several dessert crepe combos with varying ingredients which I am sure are very good.

I am just thrilled to find a place with buckwheat crepes being done so well—and I have heard from family members that the quiche here is delicious as well. I really look forward to my next visit, which hopefully, will be in the very near future.

La Mie Emilie
15 West Main Street
Carmel, IN 46032

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  1. I'm surprised you hadn't been here yet - definitely spotted this as a place you'd really like. They offer some really great croissants here, too. The one time we've been to La Mie Emelie, we went with some friends for a quick lunch. I had suggested 96th Street Steakburgers, but they wanted something "lighter". After all the cheese and butter at La Mie Emilie, I wasn't sure we had actually achieved that! Sure was tasty tho.

  2. I really wanted to like them - we went when they were still fairly new and ordered a fruit tart. They took it to the back to wrap it, and we waited another twenty minutes for them to come back out with it. Finally we got it, paid, and left. When we got home, we opened the box and found the tart had been dropped on the ground - there was dust and fuzzies all over it, and it was in five different pieces crammed back into the box. :( You can understand why this makes me not want to go back - they didn't even mention anything had happened, although it does explain why it was taking so long to box it.

  3. Indy Grub:
    We actually tried to go quite awhile ago, but they aren't open on Mondays (I think I forgot to mention that in my post actually). But you know, if you find a place you think I'd like, you can always let me know! ;)

  4. I had one tasty lunch there - and their baked goods are up there with the best in town, IMO. I've had a few items - I especially like the butterscotch pie, but I haven't gone wrong yet. I was never able to get to Zionsville when The Pie Safe was open, so it is a treat.

    I really enjoyed my turkey on a croissant--- the turkey wasn't quite what I hoped it might be (seemed like standard - if good - deli meat)... but all of the other components were perfect. croissant, bacon, avocado and scratch mayo made with bacon fat. mmm.

    -tom h

  5. oh hey, I forgot to comment on the fact that this restaurant is in the same location of what was, when I was growing up, a Chinese restaurant ("China Town"). My Mom wanted me to mention it because this was my first experience with Chinese food as a young child and my parents have very fond memories of the place (and they LOVE La Mie Emilie as well). Anyone else remember this place?

  6. I always enjoyed China Town, but wondered how they stayed in business because they never seemed to have any customers. How long have they been gone?

  7. Just went back to La Mie Emilie and had a great lunch again--I ordered my same crepe, because I love it so much and hubby ordered "Eggs Napolean." Their version of a benedict with a croissant at the bottom. It was really, really good (I could barely get hubby to share). Service was super speedy too. I really like this place.