Thursday, September 16, 2010

Good Morning Mama's

We were in a rare situation where we were looking for a late breakfast to prepare for a very early dinner (some days you just have to plan everything around the meals you know?), so it seemed like a perfect opportunity to try Good Morning Mama’s. This is the latest venture (I know it has been open awhile) of the Mama Corolla’s owners and appears to have just as much popularity as the casual Italian eatery a couple doors down the street.

This is the best re-use of a gas station for sure. The atmosphere of Good Morning Mama’s is extremely bright and cheery and retro. They have taken an old gas station with great lines and followed that theme with the décor of diner-ish tables and chairs and 50s characters painted on the walls. The place is cute, although I am guessing if it were full would be quite noisy, as when we were there it was only half full, and it was quite loud already.

We both wanted full-on breakfast, so I ordered the “Mama’s” and hubby ordered the “Papa’s.” Seemed appropriate. The “Mama’s” is your classic, two eggs any style, fried potatoes, toast and meat. I got my eggs over medium, exchanged my toast for a biscuit and ordered the bacon. Whenever I eat breakfast out, especially somewhere for the first time, I always worry about how to order my eggs. I like them runny in the yolks, but not in the whites. In my opinion, that is “over medium.” A lot of times apparently cooks do not agree with me and sometimes I need to order them “over easy” to get the yolks runny. These were perfect. One hurdle was crossed. The bacon was also very good, crispy, but not too crispy and still flavorful. I hate bacon that looks good and has no flavor. There is just no point in that. The potatoes were the sliced and fried variety. They were not bad, but my favorites are hash browns that are crispy. These had some crispy parts, and I enjoyed the ones that were. The softer ones I just skipped. The biggest disappointment for me was the biscuit. It looked good but didn’t have that rich buttery flavor that you want in a biscuit. It just didn’t have much flavor at all to me. I had some of hubby’s toast and it was better. Next time, toast is the way to go. Nice, thick and buttery.

Hubby’s “Papa’s” was corned beef hash with two eggs and toast. He was very happy. He is a lover of corned beef hash but is also particular in how he likes it (no peppers). This was house made corned beef sautéed with shredded potatoes with two more perfectly cooked eggs (he likes them over easy). He was very happy with the flavor of the beef and the portion size as well. It wasn’t so ridiculously big that he felt guilty eating every bite. And again, it came with a generous helping of the hot buttery toast.

Good Morning Mama’s is doing a quality job with breakfast foods and will likely go on the regular rotation for us. And I know the kids will like it too if for no other reason than the décor (although the simple food will probably appeal to them as well). There is a fairly extensive lunch menu as well with several good sounding sandwiches. The food isn’t fancy, but the quality is there, the service was good, and they know how to cook an egg.

Good Morning Mama’s
1001 East 54th Street
Indy 46220

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  1. FIRST!!! (comment)

    Looks good, sounds good. Looking forward to trying it. Breakfast is the worst meal in this city so I am glad that there are a few options. Plus, I like rolling out of bed and eating, if I could hook up a bacon machine to my alarm clock, I would. Maybe I can use the timer for lights and an electric griddle… hmmm….

  2. I have mixed feelings regarding Good Morning Mama's. The food I've had there is better than average, but not outstanding. My problem has been the service. I've gone there more than three times and each time the service (different servers each time) has been slow, indifferent and strangely cold. The happy decor and the association with Mama Carolla's would make one think it would be a combination that couldn't be beat, but sadly I find it lacking. My husband is a breakfast fiend and it is in close proximity to where we live, however, we have both agreed that it was not for us. We really want to like Mama's...actually, we want to love it, but sadly can't unless something changes. Does anyone else feel the same?