Thursday, April 11, 2013

Brozinni - Revisit

Hubby and I were headed down to Louisville, and it was with all good intentions that I was going to try a new place. I swear. But then were thinking about how long it had been since we had been to Brozinni and the more we talked about it, the more we needed to go.

It was a Saturday though, and apparently they do table service on Saturdays—so we sat down and waited to be waited on. There was no need to peruse the menu; we knew exactly what we wanted.

We started with a small order of garlic knuckles ($2.50) (you get 4 knuckles) and then our slices (I think mine was $3.75 and hubby’s was $4.00).  The knuckles are little twists of pizza dough that are sitting in a huge amount of garlic butter.  Honestly, it’s the butter that makes these things so freakin’ good, and you really have to get it to have the butter to dip your pizza crust in.  The pizza is New York style—thin crust, but not too thin, and huge foldable slices.

For my slice, I got my classic, mushrooms and red onion, which they have to make up for me, but they just take a cheese slice and add the veggies and a little more cheese. I love that the onions are chopped fine and you get some in every bite.  I love that the sauce is savory, and there is just the right amount of it, and I love the chewy, but slightly puffy crust. I love this pizza.

Hubby had sausage, pepperoni, and mushroom, which was one of the ones that were pre-made. He thoroughly enjoyed it, but decided he actually liked mine even more just because it is so hard to get a pizza in this town with just the right amount of red onions on it like this one.  I think he’ll be getting what I had next time. 

The slices are pretty darn big (think two regular triangular pieces of pizza put together) and for me (and hubby too), one of them plus a couple knuckles is more than enough for lunch. And like I said, one of my favorite parts is dipping the edges of the crust into the garlic butter.

When people ask me what my favorite pizza is in Indy, I always say Brozinni. It had been awhile since I had been there though, so I always worry that things might have gone downhill. I think this was pretty much a perfect Brozinni experience. The pizza was great and the service was quick. It’s a casual place, and pretty inexpensive for what you’re getting.  I’m a fan.

Brozinni Pizzeria
8810 S. Emerson Ave
Indy 46237


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  2. LOVE Brozinni's! Here's my review of them: