Monday, April 22, 2013

Uptown Café

***September 2013: currently closed. Supposed to open under new management***

Always looking for new places to go with the family, we headed to Noblesville to try Uptown Café. I have wanted to try it for a while, and many have recommended it.  It was a Sunday and we went with the expectation of a wait, and prepared the kids for it. Luckily it was a nice day, and we only had to wait about 15 minutes.

There’s a good chance you might have to wait because the place is pretty small—and a lot of the seating is bar seating and tables for 2.  We finally got into a little booth in the back and looked over the menu (under the glass on the tables). It is a cute little old-fashioned diner type place. They do several good sounding breakfast items as well as several lunch choices.  It was after noon though, so hubby and I went with lunch.

I had the “Kirstie’s grilled cheese” (which with add-ons was $9.87).  The basic sandwich is grilled Parmesan crusted bread with spinach, tomato, and American and pepper jack cheese.  The menu lists the bacon and avocado as add-ons.  Of course, those are two excellent additions to any sandwich, so they were added.  It was a very good sandwich with very good bacon and a nice generous portion of ripe avocado. Honestly, I have decided maybe I don’t like the whole sort of burnt cheese phenomenon as good as it sounds.  The bread was coated with Parmesan which was perfectly grilled, but it was a pretty strong burnt cheese flavor. I ordered a side of has browns off the breakfast menu and they were some of the best hash browns I have had in this town (and I am kind of picky).  They tasted freshly made and had a nice crispy edge to them. I had to protect them from hubby’s fork a few too many times.

I was liking my sandwich pretty well and then I tasted hubby’s. It was better. (Damn, I hate it when that happens.)  Luckily, he took pity on me and we shared half and half (he says it’s how he proves his love).  And it wasn’t that mine was bad at all, it’s just, well, his was better. He had the roasted chicken flatbread sandwich with chips (8.79).  It was a piece of flatbread, sort of like a pita type thing that was wrapped around chicken breast, spinach, bacon, mushrooms, pepper jack and had honey Dijon mayo.  I had considered ordering this myself, but am always wary of chicken on sandwiches, particularly breast because often they’re just big hunks of rubbery meat that taste like nothing and are hard to eat.  This was not like that. The chicken was in small pieces (almost like shredded pieces) and was mixed with the other things.  The honey Dijon mayo made it really good.  There’s gotta be something like that to pull a sandwich together (I think something like this would help on my sandwich). Again, the bacon was very good as well.  I really liked the flatbread and am now very intrigued by the breakfast sandwich that comes on the same bread.  My only complaint is all the fillings were sort of lumped into one place inside the bread and they needed to be re-proportioned a bit.  But I didn’t mind doing this myself.

I do like the interesting bread they are using and the extremely fresh high quality ingredients.  Once we were seated our server was super nice, and very efficient.  My kids both had a stack of French toast sticks that they really liked as well.

I have to say, Noblesville has got some nice options for breakfast and lunch (I really enjoyed Rosie’s as well) and I am a little jealous. I wish there were more places like this around my house.  I am confident we will return to Uptown—I am anxious to try the breakfast things. And hubby is anxious to get more hash browns. Plus the kids really liked it.  That kind of agreement in our family rarely happens when it comes to restaurants.

Uptown Café
809 Conner Street
Noblesville, IN 46060

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  1. Hooray for Noblesville! I love how our little Square is getting some great locally-owned restaurants. I really like the biscuits and gravy at The Uptown, and the baked goods at Rosie's Place are a real treat. Around the corner from Rosie's is Sweet Home, a new cupcake place as well that is small but very good.