Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Kincaid's-Mini Update

Just a quick note to say we hit Kincaid's again for lunch this weekend (what can I say, there's a shoe store up there I really like for the kids). As usual, it was very good. Tried the fish tacos this time and they were outstanding. Crispy fish with a flavorful slaw type topping and a really delicious pico de gallo, which was almost like a chunky guacamole (there were nice chunks of avocado in there)and an extra side of chipotle lime sour cream sauce (there is some already on the bottom of the tacos). These were really good, and I know from many comments I have received that I have a fair amount of readers who like fish tacos, so I thought I'd do a quick re-visit post.

It's a hike, but well worth it, even though it is a chain. I wish it was nearer my house.

14159 Clay Terrace Blvd
Carmel, 46032

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