Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Café Korea -- Revisit

Thanks to my friend @AngieSix being more on top of things than me, she noticed that @indianapolisamy had posted about Café Korea and had talked about how much she liked the dumplings there—knowing that I have been on a dumpling quest, Angie suggested we go.  I have been a couple of times before, but had never had the dumplings ($4.99).

Of course, that is what we started with, and they were delicious! There were five, and they were a good size—at least two bites each. They were also smokin’ hot. They were filled with minced meat—pork I am guessing? They were seasoned nicely with some veggies and ginger and were lightly pan-fried. I liked the soy and vinegar based dipping sauce to add further variation in flavor and additional moisture (and heck, just to cool them off a little bit!). I would totally get these again.

I also had the lunch version of dol sot bi bim bop ($8.99). I had this the first time I came here (and the first time I reviewed this place) and enjoyed it, but I don’t know, this time it just didn’t get me going. Even with squeezing a fair amount of the hot sauce they served along with it, the dish just didn’t seem to have a of of flavor. The dish is composed of rice on the bottom topped with various shredded veggies, beef and a sunny side up egg. I still like the way the rice crusts up a bit on the bottom because the stoneware bowl is so hot, and the way it sort of turns into fried rice when you mix the egg in there. But it just needs something else. I put some of the lightly fermented bean sprouts from the banchan, or side dishes, which helped a bit, but I still wanted more. I ended up drizzling a bit of the dumpling sauce in there just for a bit of saltiness. Either my tastes are changing or they’ve changed the dish.

They do give you a fair amount of food between the main dish and the banchan and a little salad with a ginger dressing as well (pretty good but standard). And the service is pleasant. I would like to go back and get the dumplings and maybe experiment with the menu a bit more. What else have you guys had that you really liked?

Café Korea
7262 Fishers Crossing Drive
Fishers, IN 46038

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