Monday, June 30, 2014

Road Trip: Wagner's Village Inn

Back on a road trip to meet up with our friends from Cincinnati—meeting halfway between—this time we decided to try Wagner’s Village Inn in Oldenburg. This place was remarkably similar to the Fireside Inn, both in style and menu. The bar area was a little nicer and bigger I would say though. Our server was very friendly and patient with us (it always takes us awhile to get our order in when we’re all together).

Naturally, the plan was to order the fried chicken, which we did, but of course we needed some other fried things first right? And always on the quest to find the perfect chicken livers, we ordered a starter of a mix of chicken livers and gizzards. Again, I was disappointed because they were pretty dried out. I think I may be giving up on the deep fried chicken livers (that is unless one of you guys can point me in the right direction). We also had a starter of the fried mushrooms, which were the better choice even though I am guessing they weren't housemade. Singe your mouth hot, but decent and served with a side of ranch.

The chicken was served family style and three of us ordered it. You get a big ol’ plate of chicken and it was good. Really good. You could really tell they put some seasoning into the coating—lots of peppery kick. It was smoking hot and fresh and had a super crispy skin. Totally worth eating and definitely in the top 1/3 of fried chicken. It came with lots of included sides. I’d say the highlight of the sides were the dinner rolls—super soft and served hot. I am pretty sure they weren’t making them in house, but for rolls, they were just right. They were my favorite side. The coli slaw was your super traditional, just shredded cabbage and carrots and a lot of the classic creamy sauce. The mashed potatoes were a bit thin, but served the purpose for me, which is the thing to dip your chicken into. There were green beans too, but I didn’t eat them. They were the canned variety and I’m just not into that. I’d totally go back for the chicken though.

The town of Oldenburg is an old German town and has a lot of charm on its own as well. We took a little walk around and saw a couple other places to check out on a later date. One was Pearl Street Pub. Anyone been there?

Wagner’s Village Inn
22171 Main Street
Oldenburg, IN 47036

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