Monday, June 9, 2014

Thr3e Wisemen - Revisit

Hubby and I thought we would have brunch recently on a weekend day—you know one of those days when it was freaking gorgeous outside? Ha! Apparently so did half of Indy. They were all in Broad Ripple looking for brunch. So, we hopped into Thr3e Wisemen instead—they had just opened for lunch and weren’t so crowded (finding parking was still a challenge though).

We had to adjust our minds to pizza and such rather than eggs, but that was fine. We were just happy to not have to wait an hour for a table. We ordered the chop chop salad ($8.99) and some breadsticks ($4.99) to start. I actually really like the breadsticks at Thr3e Wisemen—I can’t say there is something that makes them stand out, but the dough has a nice chewy texture and a good taste to it (apparently there’s a little beer in the dough)—I like that they brush them with garlic butter as well. I also like that you can get a side of the garlic butter sauce to dip in as well as the standard marinara and nacho cheese. We had garlic butter and nacho cheese—both are good. Interestingly, the nacho cheese has a little more spiciness to it than most. As far as a processed cheese dip goes, this is one of the better ones.

I like the chop chop salad—they come and toss it tableside. I have noticed that it has gone the way of many chop salads in this town though with the amount of non-lettuce ingredients. It is meant to have bacon, red onion, pepperoni, mozzarella, goat cheese, mushrooms and spinach mixed into the lettuce. You could certainly find a fair amount of the spinach, pepperoni and the mushrooms, but I only had one bit of bacon and I am pretty sure there was no goat cheese in our salad (one of my favorite things). Like I said they toss it tableside in a house vinaigrette, which is tasty, but it needed a little more than what they gave.

The first pizza they brought out was the wrong one (mushrooms and red pepper vs. mushrooms and red onion) but they were very apologetic and brought us a new one as quickly as possible. The manager stopped by to apologize again, which was nice—I was a little surprised they didn’t offer to buy us a drink or anything, especially since we ordered a second one due to the delay of waiting for the pizza that we wouldn’t have ordered otherwise. The pizza ($10.97) was very good. Again, I liked the chewy crust and I like that it is thin crust, but still strong enough to hold the toppings without being soggy in the middle. I really like their cheese blend as well—it has a unique flavor of its own. This is probably one of my favorite pizzas in town—particularly when you eat it there fresh from their ovens. It has a good amount of toppings and the marinara sauce has enough spice to make it taste unique and special on its own as well.

I also really like the popcorn they give you on the table as your little freebie. They even sent me home with a bag for the kids. And it was still good the next day. Thr3e Wisemen is definitely my favorite Scott Wise joint--I like the more focused menu here and I feel like more of the menu is being made in-house (although I will admit to not having been to a Scotty’s in awhile). 

Thr3e Wisemen 
1021 Broad Ripple Avenue
Indy 46220

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  1. The only one I have ever been to is Jockamo, but I'm not from Indy :)

    Alex (@chronoslinger)