Thursday, July 31, 2014

The Milky Way (Lebanon)

I'm back! For a minute anyway. I’m writing this one with just my left hand pretty much so it’s gonna be short and sweet (I know, you’ll all really miss my wordiness right?). Me and my son went to Lebanon to meet my friend @indyfoodswap and her sons to see about a certain milkshake. It was all in the name of research. It didn’t pan out as we thought (long story, but don’t ask for a chocolate and BBQ potato chip milkshake.)

But we had lunch—we ordered a bunch of stuff and shared. The main dish, described as a hand-breaded pork tenderloin sandwich ($5.73) was a disappointment. I am not so sure it was hand breaded. If so, maybe it was awhile ago and then frozen.  

What was really good though? The onion rings ($2.95). They were easily my favorite item of the lunch. They were thin cut onion with a super crunchy (I mean SUPER crunchy) battered coating. Really fresh and hot and just the right amount of greasy. These could be a problem for me if I lived closer.

Also strangely addictive were the fried rolls ($3.99). Ok, so I am pretty sure they were some kind of dinner rolls that came refrigerated in a tube and were then cut and thrown in the fryer. But serve ‘em with little packets of apple butter and I was happy and so was my son. These things were super tender with just the nice crisp exterior.

The Milky Way’s extensive menu heavily focuses on various dairy products (shakes, sundaes, soft serve, etc. etc.). The kids all partook of the goodies and enjoyed it. It’s a cute little old fashioned kind of divey place and it’s pretty reasonably priced. Oh, and get the onion rings.

Look for another guest post from my friend @wibia on Monday! I'll be back full time soon.

The Milky Way
836 Indianapolis Ave
Lebanon, IN 46052
Lebanon Milky Way on Urbanspoon

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