Monday, July 14, 2014

Eggshell Bistro - Revisit

This is a brief one, because I only had the one thing, but it had been awhile since I had been to Eggshell Bistro and it seemed worth mentioning. This place is always hard for me to make a decision, because almost everything is egg-based and as you probably know, eggs are one of my favorite things.

After toying with choosing a menu item, our server read off the specials and I quickly was convinced to try the special tart. It was a light flaky crust and was filled with all kinds of good things—artichokes, pancetta, fresh herbs, capers, olive tapenade, eggs and Gruyeye cheese. This thing was super delicious. I liked it because it is light inside, but also thin. I hate it when you get a piece of quiche and it’s huge and way too dense.  This was the opposite of that. And the ingredients gave it a depth of flavor that I find is often missing in egg dishes like this—the olives, capers and the artichokes have that briny, salty, taste that stand out on their own, but there's enough hearty pancetta and cheese to make you feel like you are splurging a bit too. I appreciate the portions here, because they are just right for me, but can see some feeling like they are on the small side. The side of fruit I had was beautiful as well –and I love that it wasn’t full of melon, which I consider the filler fruit (partially because it is one of my least favorite of the fruit varieties).

If this place was closer to me, it would certainly be in my regular rotation although it has some issues about the place that I could see become annoying on a regular basis. For one thing, even though it is never full when I am there (in this instance we were the only ones here), it takes a long time to get your food. Like, a pretty darn long time. I am also not sure how they maintain on the amount of business I see in there, but my friend assured me they are quite busy on the weekends. Also, they do this thing where they put menu items on the menu in lighter font and with an asterisk saying they are “under development.” Which means basically, they are not available to be ordered. Why put them on the menu? Are they trying to convince you to come back to try said item? I just felt frustrated I couldn’t get that tuna sandwich that sounded so good. I noticed this on my first visit as well. I say, don’t tease. If you want to test it on a few days make it a special. If you aren’t going to serve it, don’t put it on the menu. Just my two cents. But I do wanna try that sandwich….

Eggshell Bistro
51 West Carmel City Drive
Carmel, IN  46032

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