Thursday, May 9, 2013

Ruth’s Pull Up a Chair Café -Revisit

Ruth’s a place I eat fairly regularly, and I have written about it before, but recently I was in and noticed they were adding on to their space and had a new menu, so I figured it was time for a re-visit.  Ok, truth be told, one of the reasons I haven’t written about it before is because I almost always ordered the same thing and it seemed boring, but they took one of the things I used to order off and there were some new things, so I decided to try one of the new sandwiches.

It is simply listed as “turkey” ($9) on the menu—it was super tender slices of turkey with spinach, Havarti cheese, lots of nice ripe avocado, bacon and spinach.  There was a pesto sauce as well and the bread (your choice, I went with sourdough) was grilled in a Panini press.   This was a great sandwich.  Had all the elements I like—it wasn’t overstuffed and hard to eat, had some additional seasoning besides just the basic ingredients (pesto) and the ingredients themselves were really good.  Plus I loved perfectly grilled bread.  Normally I order the chicken c
obb, which is also really good, and has blue cheese on it which gives it that extra falvor, but I think the turkey on this one was better than the chicken I have had on that sandwich in the past.

I also got a side salad with blue cheese dressing which I really liked as well.  First, when I get a side salad, I don’t need a bunch of other stuff on it—some nice leaves are enough for me.  This was basically that just with a few thin slices of parmesan and diced tomato.  The dressing was obviously homemade and had a great flavor and lots of crumbled blue cheese added in.  I will admit I may have dipped my sandwich into it a few times.  I would be happy to order one of their salads with this tasty dressing.

We have had several breakfast items here in the past and have enjoyed them as well.  Last time we were here, hubby had a salmon version of eggs benedict that was done very well.

They have also doubled their size and, best of all, changed the front door to the other store front, making a little entry way which blocks the cold wind from blowing directly into the restaurant, which was always my biggest pet peeve about eating at this place for half of the year.  The service was good, the interior is cute and they had a fairly good crowd. It’s nice to see a small independent restaurant (particularly in the Castleton general area) doing well enough that they can expand.  I definitely need to expand my horizons at this place and stop ordering the same thing every time (although I will certainly be ordering the turkey sandwich again), so if you have a favorite, let me know.

Ruth’s Pull Up a Chair Café
3343 East 86th Street
Indy  46240


  1. I always order the daily special scramble - can't get past that on the menu. Maybe I'll try the turkey next time...

  2. I like this place, but would like it more if the ordering procedure was more like Taste; order at the counter, someone brings the food as it is ready, self-serve coffee. But, that may be the introvert in me talking, not wanting to chitchat with a waiter for what is pretty straightforward (yet tasty) food.