Thursday, May 2, 2013

Pizzology - Revisit

A friend asked me to meet her at Pizzology for lunch the other day, and I realized how long it had been since I had been there. Lunch is a good time to go to Pizzology because the crowds are not so intense (I have never had to wait at lunch) and they have a nice lunch special—a soup or salad, a lunch sized pizza, and a soft drink for $9.  Ok, it is going to be more than $9 if you want any other toppings besides cheese, but still, not a bad deal (my total was $11.50) for 3 things.

I had the salad—the option on the lunch menu is the house chopped which tends to be my favorite anyhow.  And even though it can be a little inconsistent sometimes in the amount of toppings (blue cheese, roasted tomatoes, shallots, sliced olives and prosciutto), this time it was pretty good—enough that you could taste them with the chopped romaine.  I like that they roast their tomatoes, especially this time of year because it makes them sweeter.  I also like the dressing—a citrus vinaigrette. Nice and tangy.

For my pizza I got a white pizza (no red sauce, just olive oil) with a farm egg and mushrooms.  I really enjoyed it—as usual I am a sucker for a runny egg. I salted the yolk a little and dipped my crust into it. There were also a lot of mushrooms which I appreciated. They are roasted and the flavor gets amped up a little because of it. As I have said before, the crust is the thing here, but it can vary between really well done and not done enough.  This one didn’t have the black charred spots that I know some of you like, but personally, I enjoyed it this way (I am not as big a fan of the charred taste).  The bottom was crisp and the crust was chewy. There was a lot of cheese on it and I was happy.

My friend had roasted tomatoes and sausage on her pizza (with red sauce) and seemed to enjoy it quite a bit as well—I never managed to try it before I realized I was really full.

One of my favorite things about the lunch experience on this visit though was our server Candice.  After some recent service debacles, it was so refreshing to have a great server.  She was good at her job and she was really friendly and personable.  We enjoyed chatting with her a bit.  She even drew a cute smiley face on my take home box. It’s amazing how much someone who cares about her job can add to your dining experience.

13190 Hazel Dell Parkway
Carmel, IN 46032


  1. Can't believe your pizza wasn't burnt. Half the time I go their the crust is so black I can't eat it.

  2. Pizzology soon will open a Nora location.

  3. I'm bonkers for Pizzology, but their style of pie isn't for every one - my wife isn't a big fan... I took my Dad there for Father's Day last year and it was a massive dud. Anyway, I was happy to see your review and confirm that your lunch pizza looks like my last few; IMO a bit different than what I'm used to from their ~13" pies - a bit more doughy with less spotting - perhaps a better pie for those who don't care for the slight char on the bigger pies. For me Pizzology hits the sweet spot, if I can nerd out a bit, because I regard their pizza as quasi-neapolitan... not too wet in the middle, as IMO is the case with VPN joints. I regard it as my favorite in town - and by some measure!

  4. That pizza looks amazing! I would gladly have that for breakfast if I had the energy to make one that early in the morning. Haha! It seems that a visit to Pizzology is long overdue for me as well. Best correct that as soon as possible. Will take your advice and go there around lunchtime.

    Carlene @ Incredible Pizza Indy