Monday, May 13, 2013

Mississippi Belle - Revisit

This is a revisit, because it is one of those places that I feel an obligation to make sure you guys go to even if you missed my post from like 3 years ago.  Well, if you like fried chicken anyway.

We actually carry out from here a fair amount, but the other Sunday, we were driving around with the kids looking for somewhere to eat on the way to the Children’s Museum and everywhere was crazy busy.  We knew the kids would like it because, well, they’ve had it before.  I don’t know if Sunday for lunch is the best time to eat there because you pay full price (their lunches are more reasonable) but we ate for days on the food we took home (it is all you can eat for Sunday meals and dinner and the meal is $13 for your choice of meat and 4 sides, less for kids).

Normally when I do a revisit I try and branch out and get something different. At Mississippi Belle, screw that. Fried chicken. Mac and cheese. Mashed potatoes.  That’s the way to go and you will be happy.  My daughter, who isn’t as huge a fan of fried chicken as I am (how does this happen?), actually did get the turkey plate, which is an interesting shredded turkey.  It was pretty good—moist and tender and easy for her to eat. Better than the chicken? Heck no.

My advice is to go with all dark meat—it is just so good and so tender.  I love the crispy skin on their chicken over all, and you just get more of it on the dark meat pieces. The breasts are so huge you just don’t get enough of the skin. Although the wings are pretty tasty. Anyhow, it’s the seasoning makes this chicken stand out.  The only negative for me with the chicken is that they are obviously cooking it constantly because it comes out really fast though and occasionally because of this, you can get a piece that isn’t quite as fresh as others.

The mashed potatoes are good, and are generally a necessary component to a fried chicken meal for me.  Like I have said before, they taste like potatoes—and even without gravy, they are fairly creamy—not stiff like a lot of potatoes are when gravy is used.  There’s some pepper in there too.  One of my favorite things though is the mac and cheese. It isn’t fancy, and I am guessing there is some processed cheese in there because it is so smooth, but I love the peppery kick to it. It’s just right with the meal and I will never go there and not order it.  And they give you so much of it; I am serious when I say we were eating it for a week.

The hot water cornbread—which are like little discs of cornbread that are fried. Again, I would love a little butter or apple butter or something with them, but they’re pretty good too.

Anyhow, if you want some darn good fried chicken, skip the fast food and check out this place. You will certainly not go home hungry, I will guarantee you that.

Mississippi Belle
2170 East 54th Street
Indy 46220


  1. Erin I second all your sentiments here! Granted I have not tried Kountry Kitchen however Mississippi Belle is my go to place for fried chicken in Indy. So many places put little to no seasoning (it seems like) in their breading and I love that the skin at MB really has alot of flavor. Also, it is the only place in Indy and surrounding that I have seen serve sliced tomatoes and onions with their dinner. My grandma and mother have always done that and the first time I ate at MB and they dropped that plate on the table I had high hopes for what was to follow.

  2. I love their beef manhattan and smothered chicken

  3. FYI - bring cash, they don't take credit cards

  4. Lindsay, I have only been to Kountry Kitchen once for fried chicken, but found it to have the blandness issue. I prefer Mississippi Belle. ANd thanks for pointing out the onion/tomato thing. I totally forgot.

  5. Brian, I have a hard time venturing out... :)

  6. Good point, thanks for reminding!

  7. I got hooked on this blog after reading your first review of the Belle (and confirming what you wrote about). My life would be a lot sadder living in Indy if I didn't know about this place.

  8. You didn't leave room for pie? Shame on you.

  9. OMG. I can't imagine having room for pie after all you can eat...but...what kind is good?