Thursday, January 17, 2013

Union Jack - Revisit

So one of those really snowy nights not long ago, we got really stir crazy and had to get out of the house, even though the roads were really bad. Not a lot of places were open, but we found out that Union Jack was, so we got in the 4 wheel drive and headed out with the kids.  The roads were fairly empty, but apparently, a lot of people had the same idea because the restaurant was doing a booming business. Unfortunately, they were short several staff members, so things were a little crazed, although our server did an awesome job—she was really up front about certain things taking a very long time (pizza) and I am pretty sure she was waiting on the entire family side by herself. Honestly, considering everything, she did a great job.

Hubby has a thing for the cheesy fries ($7.95) at Union Jack. We had them once before and he really wanted to get them again. Pretty straight forward—a mound of fries, bacon bits, a ton of melted (real) cheese, and ranch dressing for dipping. The kids loved these too. What’s not to like about fries, cheese, bacon and ranch?  The fries were crispy and the cheese was cheesy (and gooey like only actual cheese can be). This apparently reminds hubby of a favorite bar in New Orleans that he used to hang out at in college.  They sort of remind me of potato skins. Same kind of flavor.

In spite of the warnings, the kids ordered kid’s pizzas ($5.65 ea)—one with just cheese and one with sausage. We did order them immediately, before we even placed our drink orders after our server warned us.  The pizzas were great. I am assuming this is their “regular” crust pizza and it was crisp on the edges but with a really nice light, airiness to it.  This was some of the better pizza I have had in awhile. The kids both decided they liked the sausage the best (they call them sausage meatballs because they are such big pieces of sausage).  We had the thin crust awhile back and it was just ok, but this was great. And it has been years and years since we had the deep dish pizzas—I really want to try one of those (we were scared off by the warning on this night since they take 40 minutes normally according to the menu). Hmmm..only question would be Chicago style or deep dish (in other words, one crust or two)? I think very soon, we will be back in for some more pizza.

Hubby and I split fish and chips ($12.95) for our actual dinner (although we sort of stole a fair amount of our kids’ pizzas).  They weren’t bad, and the fish was juicy and tender, but they were breaded, not battered which isn’t my favorite thing.  They are made in house though, and the breading has a nice amount of seasoning and flavor.  They also do a breaded tenderloin in what I am assuming is the same breading, and I bet it would be really good if the pork is done well.  We had a house salad on the side as well. Pretty standard—they do make their dressings as well and I liked the blue cheese.  The rest of it was standard—mostly romaine lettuce and croutons as well as some cherry tomatoes.
We had a fun night with the kids and they really liked the pizza. And so did we. So we are going back soon for the full enchilada, so to speak.

Union Jack Pub
924 Broad Ripple Avenue
Indy  46220


  1. Those fries are great--just make sure you have people with which to share them, because it's too much for one person (not that I would've tried that...). I also like their sandwiches--I'm a fan of a modified Reuben (no 1000 Island dressing for me, rye bread is okay with no caraway) and they have always been accommodating. So tasty. Also, pretty good beer selection! We've been there to watch soccer & rugby matches, and knew if we wanted deep dish pizza to order it right away.  Not my favorite place in BR, but definitely a solid one, and one I'll be back to multiple times.

  2. Beth--yes it is quite a generous portion of fries!  :)

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