Monday, January 14, 2013

Elevation Burger

We had to hit the mall to return a couple of things over the holidays, so I figured, hey, a new burger place! And everyone in my family likes burgers (a rare thing that we can all agree on something) and I knew would be good second, third and fourth opinions for this post. So Elevation Burger is part of the new food court that has opened up in the Fashion Mall.  Right now the only other things are Pinkberry yogurt and Freshii, so everything in there is a chain—but soon a branch of Naked Tchopstix is opening as well as Napolese (or so I have heard).

Elevation Burger’s motto is “The Best-Tasting, Better-For-You Burger.”  They use 100% organic, grass-fed, free-range beef. They freshly grind the beef; hands cut their fries and fry them in olive oil.  They also partake in environmentally friendly practices, recycle, and tell you exactly how many calories are in what you are eating (presumably to help you maintain a healthier lifestyle).  All of those things made me go into it with a pretty positive attitude. I mean who wouldn’t want their beef to be organic and freshly ground, etc. etc?

Here’s the problem for me—the burger was only okay.  I got a kid’s burger (the only way you can get a single patty burger) ($3.79) with cheese, grilled onions and pickles.  The meat honestly wasn’t that exceptional tasting and was cooked more than I would normally want (although I guess you can’t really expect it to be cooked to order at what is basically a fast food place).  I liked the grilled onions that were chopped into small pieces because they were easy to eat on the sandwich.  The bun was the biggest failing for me—it was really soft and kind of too small for the burger (even the kid’s burger). It could barely hold up.  Hubby had the regular Elevation burger (which is two patties) ($5.29) and I can’t imagine having even more meat with that bun.  He said if he came again he would get the kid’s burger too—that there was no need for extra meat.

The surprise hit were the fries ($2.69). They are hand cut thin fries and they are fried in olive oil. I was kind of skeptical about this wondering if they would be crispy, but they were really quite tasty and had a nice crunchiness to them.

All in all, if you think of it as a mall food court, it is a good burger—for a food court. If you compare it to a lot of our local burger places, it is just an ok burger.  The kids said they liked it but when I asked them to compare it to their favorite spots, they both agreed there were others they liked a lot more. 

Elevation Burger
The Fashion Mall
8702 Keystone Crossing VC01
Indy, 46240
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