Monday, January 7, 2013

B's Po Boy - Revisit

I realize it hasn’t been that long since I posted on B’s Po Boy, but there were a couple of new things that inspired me to do it anyway.  Plus, I have been to New Orleans and had some po boys there and feel like I have a better frame of reference now.

Bottom line, hubby and I really like B’s. We split a fried shrimp po boy with extra shrimp ($9 for sandwich plus $6 for full order of extra shrimp). It is just as good, if not better, than many of the po boys I had in New Orleans. They know what they are doing and are doing it well. As I wrote in my first post about B’s, the thing that makes the sandwich so authentic is the bread. They ship it in from New Orleans and it is perfectly light and crisp on the top. The shrimp, which was completely overflowing out of the sandwich (yay!) is fresh, tender and has just the right breading. They served them “dressed” with lettuce, mayo, pickles and tomato unless you ask otherwise. I also love getting the side of remoulade sauce (.50) and drizzling it on my sandwich instead of hot sauce. That remoulade is a great addition to their menu. AND! They also now have Crystal hot sauce on the tables instead of just Sriracha which makes hubby very happy (he’s a purist, just likes hot sauce on his sandwich).

As a special they were also offering house made beer battered onion rings (made with Abita Turbodog beer) ($4.50), so naturally we had to get some, even though supposedly we were eating “light” by splitting a sandwich.  I really liked the flavor of the beer batter- you could really taste the beer, which is a dark rich tasting beer. And they were cooked nice and crisp. My only complaint would be the onions were a little too fat and still a little raw tasting. Cut them a little thinner and those things could be spectacular. I really appreciate a place making them fresh though, so few places seem to anymore.

Ok, ok, so maybe we didn’t really eat light because then we had to try the beignets ($3.50) again as well (again we got them with the chocolate sauce for dipping). I had been told they have changed the recipe a bit since our first visit to make them lighter. It was true. I liked them much better this time.  The insides had big air pockets which made them less dense and fluffier. They are still pretty heavy though—I could only eat about 2 of them without feeling ridiculously stuffed (ok, the fried shrimp and onion rings might have had something to do with it too, but whatever).

I’m pretty sure we have a perfect po boy place in Indy now if you want a truly authentic New Orleans fried shrimp (or oyster) po boy. I feel like I can say that now with slightly more authority since I have eaten several in New Orleans.  The other thing I like about B’s? They obviously listen to suggestions and are working to constantly improve, and are doing a great job. (P.S. B’s, if you’re listening, hubby would love some Zapp’s potato chips with his sandwich.)

Good thing this place isn’t closer to my house or I would eat there way too much.

B’s Po Boy
1261 South Shelby Street
Indy  46203


  1. Did they fix the rice problem?  When I was there they used a generic rice that ended up being clumpy. 

  2. I did not have the rice...anyone?

  3. Everything I've heard about this place matches up to your review. Going to have to make the trek down to try it out for sure.

  4. Do they have bocce ball too?