Monday, December 3, 2012

JT's Grille & Bar

On the hunt for yet another new breakfast spot, the family and I decided to give JT’s a try—it is in the former location of Just Judy’s.  It is a similar menu and while the interior has been somewhat redecorated, it is not too different.  The kids are fans of breakfast in general (particularly French toast) so it is a meal that is easy to get everyone to agree on.  They also have a wide-ranging menu including lunch items, so if you go in the late morning you can go either way (as we did).

I had my standard breakfast (which here is appropriately called “Mom’s Breakfast”)—2 eggs over easy, bacon, toast and I again decided to try their version of the hash brown casserole ($5.49 + $2.95 for the casserole).  The eggs were pretty good (one was a little overdone) and the bacon was decent--crisp on the edge and a good flavor.  The toast was cut really thick and had little butter on it, so it wasn’t my favorite.  The most disappointing thing was the hash brown casserole though. I think I am going to have to give up on ordering this and just get my in-laws’ recipe and make it myself.  This was literally a scoop of what tasted primarily of soft, shredded potatoes and more cream soup (similar to Steer In, although these had no texture really at all).  I wasn’t a fan, especially for an extra $3.  The other breakfast food is straightforward though and satisfies the craving. Next time I would get some other potatoes and try a biscuit or something else for my bread. 

Hubby was pretty pleased with the burger he ordered.  He wished it was done a little less (story of our lives) because it was pretty medium well, but he thought it was still decently tender and the toppings (bacon, cheese and onion) were all fresh and exactly what he wanted.  The bun was soft, but toasted and wasn’t too big or too dense.  Basically, a good burger.  The fries were standard, nothing to even discuss (you can get the gist by just looking at the picture).
The kids, as always, enjoyed their French toast and bacon ($5.95).  Our server was very nice although the service slowed a bit toward the end of the meal.  It isn’t a fancy place, and it is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, although I am not sure if I would venture beyond breakfast and lunch. 

JT’s Grille & Bar
2210 East 54th Street
Indy 46220

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  1. They charged you extra for the hashbrown casserole? Normally it is part of the meal--you get your choice of the potatoes or casserole. We've been several times and sometimes the casserole is good and sometimes just okay, which makes me think they make it fresh. But I wouldn't pay extra for it. 

     JTs is quick, cheap, and still close to the broadripple area. Although, the Deli is just down the street and IMO, is much better

  2. 'All tenderloins, all the time' recently posted a review and it is one of the better looking tenderloins I've seen in a while - I'm eager to return. I shared it with my Dad (turning 69 in a week) and he got a kick out of it... I guess he ate countless meals / cups of coffee in that building when it was a WaffleHouse.

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