Sunday, December 23, 2012

Happy Holidays!

Hi everyone!

Just wanted to take a minute to let you know I am taking a few days off from posting any restaurant reviews...I should have something up by the end of the week, so check back. I am going to be relaxing, spending time with my family and friends, eating, cooking, and counting my blessings--particularly my two healthy, happy, children. 

But in the meantime, enjoy your Christmas (if that is a holiday you celebrate) and enjoy all the wonderful food this time of year so often provides! 

Peace and joy to you all,


P.S. Would love to hear what you are eating over the next few days--are you cooking? Going out?  Please share!


  1. Christmas eve dinner will be bone-in ribeyes on the grill with lobster tails.  Christmas day is Chinese food (Sichuan?) followed by a movie.

  2. Merry Christmas, Erin, and thank you for the gift of reviews throughout the year. Tonight, we always have a simple meal of cheesy corn chowder, salad, and bread. Then on Christmas Day, we enjoy Danish Kringle (from Racine, WI) and oranges (from our stockings) for breakfast and ham, homemade cranberries (whole/jellied sauce and cr/orange relish), au gratin potatoes, broccoli with lemon butter, fresh fruit salad (raspberries, cherries, strawberries, apples, oranges), angel biscuits (yeast biscuits), and five flavor pound cake with marzipan! Whew!

  3. We're heading out for lunch on Christmas Day. Is Sichuan typically open? (I've only discovered them in the past 1-2yrs) I noticed Buca di Beppo is open, which would be convenient and is to the taste of the inlaws, so we might end up there.

    For Christmas dinner I'm making ham (brown sugar and mustard glaze) and a bunch of sides. Low fuss.

  4. You guys are making me hungry!  Tom, Shanghai Lil is also open, which is a good Chinese alternative if you want something with a little nicer atmosphere.

  5. Ugh ... I have reached that time of year when I'm sick of chocolate and baked goods ... usually lasts about 5 days and then I expect to make a full recovery.

  6. Jessica, I hear you. I use my birthday betweem Christmas and New Years as an excuse to have an excellent meal that I don't cook. And no cookies. :)

  7. Shanghai Lil was fantastic! shrimp w/ mushrooms and kung pao chicken were great (the latter being what I ate from - and it was delightfully spicy and numbing with chile and sichuan peppercorns)... thanks, Erin.

  8. Tom, so glad you enjoyed it! We ended up having it as well on Christmas Eve (although in carry out form).

  9. The Honey Baked Ham company's best.   A family holiday tradition.

  10. Erin, nice tree and straight.  Ours fell over at 3:00am a week ago due to a bad stand.  All the best to you and yours.

    Our Christmas Eve was spent with 30 of my family and my cousin-i-in law Mary had the best pulled pork slider I've had in ages.  I'll go on with homemade salsa and great taco chips, seafood chowder and so much more. 

    Christmas  Day brought us to another cousin with a perfectly cooked, ever so slightly pink, loin of port with a caraway seed crust.  They're both of German stock and this made a lot of sense.

    This is a bit late, but hope it is a bit interesting.



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