Thursday, July 21, 2011

Hoaglin To Go - Revisit

I stopped in at Hoaglin to Go for a quick lunch the other day.  Their menu is very appealing to me, and I really enjoyed the egg salad last time I was there, but since I feel like I should try something new when I am going to do a review, I ordered one of the daily specials—the veggie quiche with blue cheese and pine nuts.  I ordered it with greens on the side and the Champagne vinaigrette dressing ($8.50).
I was told there were lots of veggies in it, and that was no lie.  There were certainly a lot of different ones—I remember carrot, tomatoes, asparagus and big thick pieces of sautéed onions.  And the egg part of the quiche and the crust were both good.  The crust was flaky and the egg moist and not dried out.  My biggest problem? I didn’t taste a lick of blue cheese or pine nuts which is why I ordered it to start with (those are two ingredients I really enjoy together).
The salad on the side was good—simple mixed greens with some tomato and cucumber slices.  But the dressing—the Champagne vinaigrette-- was amazing.  It had the right amount of bright tanginess that I love, but with still the right amount of oil to balance it.  A bite of the salad, dressing, and quiche altogether was quite a treat.  I made due with zinging up the quiche with the dressing since the blue cheese didn’t seem to be there to serve that purpose.
Overall, I like this place though—the ingredients are high quality and fresh and this is the kind of place I like to go for lunch.  The things on the menu are familiar and comforting for lunch, but they add just the right amount of their own touches to also make them unique.  And that dressing was great (and all of the dressings are homemade).  I can see why they call it their “signature” dressing on the menu.
My server was also exceptionally nice—she gave me the time I needed to look over what is a pretty extensive menu without rushing me, answered my questions, and even brought me a soda to go on my way out because it was so hot outside.  That was a nice touch.  I would love to hear other people’s favorite items here because it is such a large menu—and I would really like to make my way back there sooner than I did last time.
Hoaglin To Go
448 Massachusetts Ave
Indy, 46204

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  1. Hoaglin is a regular lunch spot for me, and I get the tuna salad wrap every time. Delicious. I also really love their tomato basil soup.

  2. I usually get the salmon salad with Champagne vinaigrette dressing. I have had a quiche before and remember liking it a lot.

    I want to use them as my wedding caterer. I just need to find a fiancé first!

  3. Anon & Laura, both your regular items sound good as well... Laura, good luck with the finace hunt! ;)

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