Thursday, July 7, 2011

Grecian Garden--City Market

Thanks to everyone who has recommended their favorite City Market lunch spot to me either here, or via email.  I really do pay attention—and based on one reader’s advice, this week I decided to check out the Grecian Garden.  The spinach pie (or spanikopita) was recommended, and I love a good spanikopita.
First, I will say just how friendly the staff at the Grecian Garden were—they were quick and answered all my questions. After perusing, I went with my gut and got the spinach pie ($4.95)“for here” and after a quick moment while they heated it, I took it upstairs to eat.
As for the food, you know, it was pretty good. I love phyllo and this was a nice sized piece of spinach pie with lots of phyllo.  If I had my preference, I probably would have had them heat it just a little bit longer, because I like it really crunchy.  But with that being said, there was a nice ratio of dough to filling, and the filling-- sautéed spinach, onions and bits of feta scattered throughout were good.  I am sure it would be a really nice change of pace from your average burger or sandwich for a quick work lunch out.  So if I was a regular at the City Market, I would probably ask them to heat it a bit longer and make it a regular on my lunch rotation.
Separate from my specific Grecian Garden experience, I have a couple of pet peeves about the City Market though.  The first is that it seems nearly everyone (ok, not the crepe place) serves their food in Styrofoam to go containers, no matter whether you order it to eat there in the market or “to go.”  I mean, what is the point of asking if you want it “for here” if you are going to serve it “to go” anyway?  I hate those containers and really wish more of the vendors made an effort to become more eco friendly in this regard.  Offer plates that are biodegradable at least… and lots of other places offer less toxic alternatives for to go items than these.  Plus, I really hate eating out of them.
My other pet peeve? How come when you go to the City market website, you cannot find any information on the actual restaurants that are there?  (unless I am totally blind or something).  You can find out about the farmers market, and how to host a private event, and even where to drink, but there is nothing about where to eat.  Seriously, the majority of our market is made up of restaurants, I would think they would play that up and let us be able to do a little research and see what’s there.  An out of town visitor would have no idea what to expect out of the market by looking at its web presence.
Ok, enough ranting… please keep the suggestions coming about the market (or general downtown suggestions)…I am still down there about once a week and am always looking for something new…
Grecian Garden
Indianapolis City Market
222 East Market Street
Indy  46204

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  1. It's in the directory, under "Shop".

  2. It's not very intuitive and it's pretty ugly, but here you go:

  3. Erin,

    Scroll down to the bottom of page and click on Directory. It is hard to find, should be on the top.

  4. Your comments about the Indianapolis City Market's website are right on point. Promotion of this great dining venue has been problematic over the decades. I hope that Market managers and vendors take up your suggestion and look to more online promotion. How is Foursquare being utilized fro example?

  5. The styrofoam issue has irked me for a decade. I contacted the City Market about it and they gave me a pass-the-buck type answer. They might be more responsive now, though, since they are under new management. Styrofoam stinks!

    I'm glad you liked the spanakopita here. I haven't eaten at this place for a while so I kinda forgot about it.

  6. You guys are right, the directory of places is there now. I did look there before and they only had a few of the vendor type places, not the restaurnats. I think maybe it has been recently updated. Thanks for pointing it out though! I do still wish they had a big thing on the home page that said: "where to eat at the city market" or something like that, but I guess you can't have everything.

  7. Agreed, the styrofoam is horrible - I think that not only of City Market, but to all the restaurants who have it as their to-go containers!

  8. Hey everyone, I just wanted to make a note that Circle City Sweets also does not use styrofoam containers in their shop at the City Market....I need to try that place soon too!

  9. Just one last comment about the styrofoam - you have to remember that the City market is just the landlord. You really need to take it up with the individual vendors. There are many who do not use styrofoam - Philly Pretzels, Natual Born Juices, Three Days in Paris, Circle City Soups and Sweets.

    1. I wish the restaurants at City Market would publish their menus. You can find some on the internet but it seems like the food vendors would want their menus available to potential customers of their food places,