Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Scratchtruck (Food Truck)

I saw Scratchtruck was parked on my way home from downtown the other day, so I stopped off and checked it out.  I was torn about what to get—the Tuscan chicken sandwich sounded quite delicious, but after a quick chat with the extremely friendly man on the truck, who said he could eat the chicken cone every day, I decided to go with that—after all, from what I have read, this is one of Scratchtruck’s signature dishes.
So the chicken cone is a flour tortilla wrapped around hand breaded chicken tenders ($7 with fries).  The chicken itself is fresh—you can tell this is real chicken, not some nasty food service nugget.  They have a fairly thin breading and that is slightly spicy—sort of a red pepper flavor.  I noticed some sesame seeds in the breading as well.  There is slaw in the cone as well, what is described as mango-jalapeno slaw, although to be honest, I didn’t get a lot of mango or jalapeno (mostly cabbage), but I did enjoy the ancho chile aioli that was in there too.  It had just a touch of heat, but, not in that burn your mouth kind of heat, but a more mellow pepper that builds a bit after you eat it.  So they wrapped the chicken in the tortilla and then set the whole thing down into a paper cone (think of what you get a snow cone in).  It’s nice if you’re eating on the go, because it doesn’t drip all over you.  Overall, the cone was maybe a little dryer (sauce-wise) than I would've thought, but the chicken was tender and the flavors went together well.

There was also a healthy handful of hand cut fries in the box as well. They had really nice flavor and were pleasantly browned, which tend to be my favorite kind of fries.  There were still some nice pieces of skin on them too, giving them a slight chewiness and a little deeper potato flavor.  My complaint about the fries was that they could have been a little hotter and crispier, although when you are serving food from a truck, I am sure it is hard to really cook fries to order.  Also, I would have liked something else besides ketchup for them (I know, I am a broken record on this point) because they were hearty and tasted so homemade—they deserved more than simple ketchup.  Little containers of some fancy aioli? Or even just a container of that ancho chile aioli would be great. Heck, charge extra for it, I’d pay.
Overall, Scratchtruck is a nice addition to Indy’s food truck scene.  It is fun to see Indy people so excited about all the trucks. And I like the way they can travel around so lots of people can get a taste even if the location isn’t always convenient.  I know we have quite a few, and more popping up all the time….what’s your favorite one?
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  1. i've been following a lot of the trucks on facebook for months but haven't dined yet. scratchtruck is at the top of my list! hope to catch them soon.
    thanks for the review.

  2. I love the food trucks! My fave is probably Duos because I eat there even if the menu of the day doesn't thrill me, I know I'll still end up loving what I try. Scratchtruck is number 2, because I love their fries and their burger is tops. I haven't tried Fat Sammies or the new Scout's Treats (a cupcake truck!) but I have tried Hoosier Fat Daddies and West Coast Tacos.

  3. You already know that I'm an avid food truck groupie! Scratch Truck is actually working the Bachelorette party I'm hosting this weekend. Soooo excited!