Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Hoaglin To Go

We recently went over to try Hoaglin to Go with the kids on a Sunday morning. It was a beautiful day and we thought we were lucky to get a table right away as it looked like the type of place that gets quite busy.

I didn’t have the time I would have liked to really peruse the menu since the kids were with me and acting a bit crazy. I was a bit flustered but knew I wanted to try the egg salad because I had read it was voted best egg salad in Indianapolis Monthly. And I love egg salad. I ended up ordering the bacon and egg sandwich which was egg salad, bacon, tomato, lettuce, cheese and red onion on toasted sourdough. While it was very tasty, it was hard to really taste the egg salad for all the other stuff that was on there. I did dig out a couple of bites of just the egg salad by itself which was really good—lots of fresh dill which is a nice touch. It was also a bit hard to fit into my mouth frankly, because there was so much stuff on it, and when I did, lots of the fillings fell out. The bread was very good though and the quality of ingredients top notch. I think next time though, I will just get the simple preparation which is egg salad on lettuce and tomato served with crostini so I can really taste it. I substituted the kettle chips (which were also very good) for one of their specialty sides, the asparagus, tomato and blue cheese salad. This was outstanding. And those were appropriate sized chunks of blue cheese. I would certainly get this side again!

They don’t really have a kid’s menu, but were happy to make a grilled cheese and some scrambled eggs for the kids. They both seemed to enjoy it anyway once the food finally came. The tables however are quite small if you actually seat 4 people at them, which is even worse with kids who are constantly knocking into things.

After ordering I noticed the specials board which had a great sounding quiche with broccoli, boursin, and blue cheese and the special omelet of the day involved crab and artichokes which is always up my alley. Next time. (And it might help to have it pointed out since I had my back to it.)

The service was quite slow—I think it took a good 30 minutes to get our food, just enough time for my very hungry 6 year old to melt down. By the time we left, it was very busy and there was quite a wait to get a table. I am hoping during the week it may not be so bad. But all in all, the menu is very appetizing and I will definitely go back. Probably won’t subject the kids to this place again (or vice versa) though.

Hoaglin To Go
448 Massachusetts Ave
Indy, 46204

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  1. Hoaglin To Go is definitely one of my favorites! One of my rare breakfast trips treated me to the best french toast I've ever had in my life, made with banana bread rather than regular bread -- it was amazing, and I bet your kids would LOVE it.