Friday, February 20, 2009

La Piedad

Ok, I have been wanting to try this place for quite awhile because it is always crowded (heaving in the summertime) and I figured that must be a good sign. One of the main reasons I haven’t tried it until now is one of its biggest drawbacks in my mind—no margaritas. Only a beer and wine liquor license. Not being a big fan of beer, and wine and Mexican, well it just doesn’t match that well (although I managed to suffer through!)

As for the chips and salsa, as one of my dining companions said, “the chips weren’t stale and the salsa was a step above Old El Paso,” so they were at least edible and well, truthfully for me, probably the best part of the experience.

That being said, I think my first visit will probably be my last. I am not sure what the big draw to this place is, other than it is cheap, but again, you can get better cheap Mexican at places like La Hacienda any day (and a kick butt margarita—Get the “Texas” margarita though, it is much better than the regular ones).

I had a sampler plate of a beef taco, chicken enchilada and a chalupa. And because it didn’t include rice and beans, I had an order of that as well. The food was really unremarkable. The dishes were bland and much of the meat very dry. It sort of all tasted the same to me. We went with friends who had also never been and I had a bite of one our friend’s pork carnitas and it was pretty lacking in flavor as well (he called them "a little too boiled out and flavorless"). Hubby had the flautas which were probably the best thing on the table, but still pretty underwhelming. (On a side note, hubby was back at La Hacienda a few days later and had the carnitas and remarked about how much better they were, with crispy bits and much more flavor.) The beans and rice were bad, tastless and boring.

The guacamole was clearly not freshly made and one of those smooth puree types you often see (as one of our friends said, clearly from a foodservice supply company) that somehow, they have managed to remove any remnant of avocado taste from. I like some actual recognizable pieces of avocado in my guac.

I think the overall mood at the table was that this place was really nothing special (other than it was very crowded with people on a Tuesday night which is nice) and if we want cheap Mexican, we will go to La Hacienda. One of these days I will do a formal review of Hacienda, but for now, if you want cheap Mexican, go there. On the other hand, our friends have told me they will likely go back one more time when the weather is nice and sit outside (they do have a nice patio) so obviously, they enjoyed it a bit more than I did. It would take a lot to get me back. Like a completely new menu. And margaritas.

La Piedad
6524 Cornell Ave
Indy 46220
(no website I could find)

**Special thanks to friend and reader Chicago Pete for helping me out on this review—he went with us on this night out, along with his wife, and sent me his thoughts, many of which I have incorporated herein (and identified as such) because honestly, I got the flu shortly after this visit and was having a hard time coming up with a decent review.


  1. You forgot to mention that the beer was cold, so that's a big plus.

  2. I feel the same about Piedad. I think most people eat there just because it's in Broad Ripple. Cheap Mexican is better purchased at Hacienda, you're right. And that Texas margarita...

    Have you been to Biscuits and tried their Mexican dishes? I was surprised at how well the combination of greasy-spoon and quick Mexican food works. Of course, it's best eaten the morning after a rollicking evening.

  3. I'm surprised you didn't like the Pork Carnitas. In the past, I've thought they were really good.

    However, all-in-all, I agree. If you're out to get cheap Mexican go to Hacienda...but if you're out on a nice summer night with some friends and looking for a cold beer, La Piedad may be the place to go.

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