Thursday, December 30, 2010

Nordstrom Cafe- Fashion Mall - Revisit

I think I have mentioned before that I frequent Nordstrom for lunch quite a bit. It is one of the few “chains” that I actually eat at fairly regularly.  And the one at the Fashion Mall has the best olive aioli to dip your fries in.  I love that stuff.
So hubby and I were in the other day after not having been for awhile, and oh my goodness, they had changed the menu! I didn’t know that would happen at Nordstrom.  But I firmly believe change is good, and even though the sandwich I was thinking about was gone, I appreciated having to get something different.  I started with a cup of the soup of the day which was a potato corn chowder with chicken.  I quite liked it.  It was really cold outside and it really hit the spot.  The broth wasn’t creamy, more of a brothy chowder base, but had a nicely seasoned chicken flavor.  The little pieces of corn gave a nice little crunch and the potato pieces were tender (I hate underdone potatoes).  There were large pieces of chicken as well.  They served it with a little slice of bread topped with cheese (although it came out a bit after my soup did).
Hubby and I split a sandwich.  This is a great thing to do at Nordstrom because they split it for you before they bring it out and you each get your own plate with your half sandwich as well as what is probably a full portion of fries (and the aioli).  On this particular visit, we tried a new sandwich, the bistro flat iron steak sandwich.  This sandwich included sliced flat iron steak, gruyere cheese, arugula, crisp leeks and shallot aioli and is served on focaccia.  I was sort of excited to try something new, and this sounded quite good, particularly because they told us the steak is cooked to order.  But I am not quite sure how this worked, as the meat was still cold.  So I guess they must cook up several different temperatures in advance and keep them in the refrigerator.  This is a cut of meat that isn’t really served by being served cold—the fat had sort of firmed up and made it kind of tough.  Overall, the sandwich was also a little dry (a little more of that aioli please, I could barely taste it).  I enjoyed the crunch and taste of the crispy leeks though.  That was a unique and flavorful angle in a sandwich, but unfortunately, only added to the fact that they sandwich was dry.  If the meat was warm and there was a bit more of the aioli, it could be good, but as it was, I probably would get something else next time.
The fries were just as good as they have always been, they do a nice job and season them well.  And then there’s that olive aioli—as long as they have that, I will continue to go to Nordstrom for lunch. (Sadly, the downtown cafés don’t serve the fries or the aioli).  I just used some of that and spread it on my sandwich making it much better.

Nordstrom Café Bistro
Fashion Mall
8702 Keystone Crossing
Indy 46240

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  1. I love this place! I work in the office buildings over there and am always searching for something on that side of town that is worth a regular visit. This is one of the few! I'm a fan of the seafood bisque, and the chef's special sandwich. I hear the bread pudding is amazing, as well. Haven't tried it myself. But, I'm glad my friend insisted we eat at this place!

  2. Remember if there were any vegetarian sandwiches by any chance?

  3. Erin, not sure if I remember a veggie sandwich specifically, but I definitely think there are sandwiches that you could get without meat that would still be tasty. And they do pizzas too that are actually pretty good--one is mushroom I have had that was good. And there is always those fries and olive aioli.... :)

  4. Loved reading your review; the fries and aioli are one of my favorites too! I've passed your comments about the temperature and dryness of the sandwich along...I'm sure our chefs will appreciate the feedback.

  5. Thanks for the info, I LOVE pizza, olives, aioli and fries so this is a sure hit for me!