Thursday, December 23, 2010

Keystone Deli - Revisit (Breakfast)

Continuing on our quest for a great diner-y breakfast spot, I followed up on a promise I made when I reviewed Keystone Deli before—to go back for breakfast.  A lot of people told me then that breakfast was the meal to get there, so I had to check it out.
First of all, it was jammed! After a very brief wait, we were seated and ordered our usual.  I got the bacon and eggs with home fries, and toast and baked apples.  Most of their breakfasts will also include a small side of biscuits and gravy if you want them (of course hubby did). So we shared the biscuits as well.
The biscuits were quite good—they had that crunchy exterior that I like in a biscuit.  They are flaky and moist on the inside and rich and buttery.  The toast was basic, but I find a bit of toast necessary when I am eating eggs to scoop them up with (you can’t really scoop with a biscuit).  So hubby and I often split up getting both so we can share them (he shares my thoughts on needing a bit of toast with eggs).
As for the gravy, I didn’t get to it, but hubby enjoyed it.  He said it had all the flavors you want in biscuits and gravy. And the more he ate it, the more he liked it.  Luckily, they actually give you a nicely reasonable sized portion (I mean that is a big meal after all).
The apples were interesting—warm baked apples that were flavored with cinnamon.  It sort of tasted like the inside of an apple pie.  Not sure I would get them again (and I certainly can’t finish all this) but it was fun to try.
The potatoes were home fries—sliced potatoes fried on the flattop. They had my same usual complaint about home fries—I like the crispy bits and these didn’t have a lot of them (they were sort of stacked up there so you can see why they aren’t getting that crispy).  As I walked up to pay though, I saw another table with hash browns! I asked the hostess about them and she told me that indeed you can get hash browns.  And these looked super-crunchy—almost like potato pancakes. I was trying not to stare too much at other people’s food, but it looked like it might contain some veggies too, although I couldn’t be sure. I am totally getting those next time.
For a basic, down home breakfast, this place is getting added to my list.
Keystone Deli
2344 East 53rd Street
Indy 46220

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  1. was the bacon? Looks like a good portion

  2. If you want a diner experience, go to a diner--Waffle House! It has become my boyfriend's and my go-to breakfast place. Sure they seem slightly shady, but they are cheap, fast, and have diner breakfast food perfected. You can get the hashbrowns any way you want them, and they are crispy and flavorful. The eggs and bacon are great. Waffles are fantstic. My boyfriend loves the biscuits and gravy (although I don't think they're as good as Bob Evans's).

    Plus, the service is always top notch, at least at the one at Southport and 465! Those servers are amazing multi-taskers!

  3. The Deli is our go-to breakfast place. I love their pancakes and potatoes and my hubby enjoys the sausage and cheese omelette, with the biscuits and gravy. And one of the best things about this restaurant is that the food ALWAYS comes out fast -- great if you have hungry kids with you. Thanks for shining the spotlight on the Deli!