Sunday, May 31, 2009

Zing-a revisit

******Zing is closed**************************

Wow, this was quite a let down. We have been here once before, and had about half of a really good meal (you can read my review from November 28, 2008). So we were hoping if we got some of the good things, and changed some of the things we didn’t like from before to something new, we would have a great meal. But sadly, it wasn’t meant to be.

We had several items (the food is served tapas style) the mahi mahi tacos (a repeat from last time), the crostini 3 ways, the proscuitto wrapped shrimp on a leek and potato cake, and the grilled artichokes with Serrano ham. The biggest disappointment was the tacos. We had them last time and they were great. Filled with tender, properly cooked mahi mahi and bright with the flavors of the avocado cream, jicama slaw and cilantro pesto. This time, the fish was overcooked and made up pf dry little flakes (reminded me of the fish from the salad I had at the Ram). They still had the other accompaniments, but there just wasn’t the freshness and brightness that made them shine last time. They have lost their luster (or else it was just a bad night).

All of the other items we tried were new. Probably the best thing we ate were the sauteed artichokes—they were just the hearts (but still with some of the stem attached) and had diced pieces of peppers and the Serrano ham on top and were in a white wine sauce. I couldn’t really taste the ham, which was a shame because I really like Serrano ham. And interestingly, based on the menu on the website, they aren’t on the menu anymore, which is sort of a shame, because like I said, they are one of the best things we had.

The crostini 3 ways included one piece each of grilled bread with bean and sage puree, another with a tomato bruschetta topping and the third with cream cheese and mushrooms. The tomato one was probably the best of the three, a nice fresh flavor with an appropriate amount of vinegar. Next I would say was the mushroom and cream cheese piece which had cream cheese spread on top and then some sautéed mushrooms. Not bad. I didn’t really care for the bean and sage puree, it was just too bland and the consistency a bit too pasty.

The proscuitto wrapped shrimp could have been pretty good, if the shrimp weren’t so overcooked and hard. The flavors were nice together. The potato and leek cake tasted like it was made with instant potatoes. Didn’t get much leek from it.

We did have a flourless chocolate cake for dessert which was basically like a brownie with some nice whipped cream and berries. Our server kept warning us that is was really small, but I thought it was a nice size. We shared it, but it was actually something you could eat on your own and not feel like you are eating a month’s worth of dessert in one sitting. We had a couple of the mousse shots as well (butterscotch and chocolate) which we had last time and were just as good, but you really need to mix the two to get the best flavors.

I’m a little sad about this dinner and review, as I really like what Zing is trying to do—I love tapas, and it is nice having them be something different from the classic Spanish ones. Unfortunately, I think Zing has changed its focus from being a unique restaurant to a bar that serves food. Most of the people there were young and focused on drinks and not the food, which sadly, in my opinion, seems to be the same focus the management has as well.

543 Indiana Avenue
Indy 46202

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  1. I only tried the Zing fish tacos once, about 6 months ago after I saw them on the cover of Indianapolis monthly. They are attractive, but disappointing in flavor and texture.