Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Weber Grill-Lunch

At the request of my son, who wanted to go to the restaurant with “the big grill,” we decided to stop and have lunch at the Weber Grill restaurant downtown. It was a beautiful day, so we sat outside and enjoyed the sunshine. Our server was very prompt when we arrived, although we were literally the first one in the door at noon (when they open on Sundays).

I ordered a margarita (the weather, it was wooing me to get a tropical drink) and it wasn’t bad. Hubby was happy with Dos Equis lager on tap. They brought us pretzel rolls to start along with butter and cheese butter (really? Cheese butter? Is that necessary?) They were ok, but pretzel rolls aren’t my favorite. We were split pretty evenly on them though, hubby and daughter liked them, my son and I passed on them after tasting them. Anyway, after perusing the menu (which is the regular dinner menu on Sundays) I decided on the New York strip salad which was nice greens with blue cheese dressing, smoked onions, “grill roasted” mushrooms, chunks of blue cheese, croutons and thin slices of medium rare steak on top (served cold, the meat is cooked in advance). I was pleasantly surprised with the food actually. I did not have high expectations walking in, these sort of theme chains usually don’t get me too excited, but it wasn’t bad. (Although on a side note, it is only the 4th location, and the first outside of Illinois).

We also ordered a basket of the onion curls and they were really good (and a truly enormous portion). Everyone in our family is a big fan of onion strings/rings in whatever form, but these were particularly good. They were the really thin ones, which are probably my favorite kind, and were served with BBQ sauce (not very exciting, tasted much like your usual KC Masterpiece or whatever) and a spicy mayo. Call me old fashioned, I just like mine with ketchup.

Hubby had the Wisconsin burger with cheese and applewood smoked bacon. He thought the meat was good, but overall thought the burger with bun and all the stuff was just too big. This is why I don’t order burgers anywhere except Steak n Shake. The burgers are just too darn big most places. He ended up taking the bun off, adding a few more of those onion straws on top and just eating it with a fork. He liked it better that way.

Both of our entrees had the little “w” next to them which I assumed meant these are the specialties of the house. Still not sure, but I always wonder about restaurants who mark things this way on the menu. Does this mean everything else is just ok?

The kids meals are very deluxe, they come with several sides, including a veggie and a fruit, which I thought was nice (and they still included an obligatory fried potato item, either fries or tater tots, which the kids liked). They also included a little hot fudge sundae which also went over well (with all of us).

The service was friendly, but a little scattered at times. I think the fact that we chose the outside table farthest away from the door to the restaurant may have been a factor (other diners appreciated it I am sure), but as the meal went on, the service certainly slowed down.

All in all though, I will likely return to Weber Grill when the kids want to go—one of these nights we may even try dinner.

Weber Grill
10 N. Illinois Street
Indy 46204


  1. Try the daily sangria. Perfect on a hot day - eating outside.

  2. Try the ribs. Slow smoked with a nice rub and sauce. Also the beer can chicken is awesome!! I love getting the Weber Sampler because then you can try the ribs, beer can chicken, BBQ shrimp, and steak skewers. Yummo!!!

    Check out their menu:

  3. The little W means these have the best profit margins. True at nearly every chain restaurant that marks their menu like this.