Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Charleston's Restaurant

Sometimes a girl just needs some chicken fingers. When this urge hits me, I pretty much only eat them at Charleston’s. Charleston’s is small chain (although the waiter informed me that the Castleton location was locally owned and managed) of basic American food. I think it has an edge though in that it is actually pretty good (according to the website, everything is made from scratch daily). When we want a decent meal (lunch or dinner, the menu is the same) with the kids, this is one of our standbys.

So you don’t really need a starter here because the meals are plenty large and come with two sides (which you can substitute for any of the sides offered on the menu). Like I said, I love the chicken fingers here, they are a very light fry, almost like a tempura, and the chicken is obviously fresh, these aren’t your standard previously frozen breaded numbers that come on kid’s menus nationwide. And by the way, if your kids order them on the kid’s menu, they will get the same ones, just in a smaller portion. The adult meal comes standard with cole slaw and fries, but I substitute a baked potato and the “Burgundy mushrooms.” The mushrooms are yummy, served whole in a very light wine broth with little tiny dices of onion. They are very old school but very delicious. The portion of chicken is quite generous, and sometimes hubby and I split them for lunch. By the way, you can get a decent side salad here too and the croissants that come with are really yummy too.

Hubby thinks Charleston’s has the best ribs he has had in Indy and usually orders those. Not being a huge rib person myself, I couldn’t tell you, but hubby is very particular. These are the kind that the meat falls off the bone. (Hey, if you have suggestions for others, will you send them to me? He is always on the quest for the best ribs).

The kids also really like this place too, and they have a slightly fancier mac and cheese with penne and a creamy cheese sauce that the kids really enjoy. They also get a scoop of nice vanilla ice cream on a (quite yummy) chocolate chip cookie with chocolate sauce on top as part of their meal.

The service is usually quite efficient and the interior is a dark woody interior with some working gas lights along the wall—a step up from your usual family friendly chain. All in all, if I want a decent meal in an atmosphere that welcomes kids and doesn’t look like every other chain in town, we often end up at Charleston’s.

Charleston’s Restaurant
6815 E. 82nd Street (there’s one in Westfield too)
Indy 46250

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  1. I completely agree with your assessment of Charlestons Erin! Our family eats frequently at the Westfield Charlestons and find it to be good, consistent family dining.
    The kid's menu is great, and my wife and I always argue over who is going to order the chicken tenders.
    A great family restaurant!