Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Another place that we eat a lot, although usually at home, is Arni’s. I guess if you asked me where I get pizza more often than not, I would say it is Arni’s. They recently (a year or so ago) moved from the west side of Indy over to the northside (they are at 96th and Brandt Road). Since they have moved and are closer to my house, we eat there a lot more.

I will say, the pizza from Arni’s is different from most places, and is certainly not in the gourmet style of some of the fancier places. Arni’s started as a Pizza King years and years ago (my Mom can give you the full history) and carries a lot of the features of Pizza King pizza such as using ground sausage and even ground pepperoni (although I think Arni’s is a lot better). I am not sure if my love of this pizza comes from the fact that it may have been the first carry out pizza I ever ate as a child (visiting my Grandparents in Lafayette) or what, but it is the only place where I order sausage on my pizza. Generally I order veggie pizza, but not at Arni’s—I pretty much always get sausage and mushroom, our family classic. It is thin crust pizza, often has a bit of a salty crust, which I like, and it is cut into lots of little squares rather than the classic wedges. I don’t know, people either like it or they don’t, but I do, and judging by their crowds, I am not alone. Hubby also really likes it (good thing, sort of a test to get into the family) as does everyone who has had it at my house.

We often also order the buffalo wings. I am not sure, but I think these are the best wings I have ever had. They are really big and tasty, not super spicy (and you can actually get them in several flavors if buffalo isn’t you thing). I always get the blue cheese dressing which is really good, not just the stuff out of a bottle (I think they make most if not all of their dressings in house). But these are big, meaty, tender wings, not just the bone/skin/sauce things you get a lot of places.

The real reason I finally decided to write this review though is that I tried something different the other day when I just wasn’t in the mood for pizza or wings. I had the California turkey wrap. It was pretty tasty too. Wasn’t overfilled with lettuce like some wraps are—had the appropriate amount of ingredients—turkey, avocado, bacon, mixed greens, provolone and sundried tomato vinaigrette in a spinach wrap. Even better when I dipped it into Mom’s leftover parmesan peppercorn salad dressing. Hubby also had the Philly cheese steak sandwich, which he said wasn’t very Philly cheesesteak-ish, but that is was a really good steak sandwich. The menu is huge, they have tons of interesting sandwiches and appetizers (I also love the onion strings which aren’t on the menu but they will make them for you if you order them).

The kids really like this place (they sort of have to) but they have lots of choices on the kids menu (for main dishes and sides) but one of the perennial favorites is the mini cheese pizza. This is clearly a very family friendly place—there are always lots of kids in there whenever I go and the service is usually really fast (take out is usually ready in 10 minutes). But it also has a pretty modern edge to the décor.

I thought since there was a lot of interest on the pizza front when I wrote about Some Guys a few weeks back, I would clue everyone in on one of my favorites. And I welcome any further pizza comments you might have! And hey, does anyone know if there is any true New York style pizza out there? A reader recently asked, and I would love to know myself. I know some of you have recommeded Giorgio's (downtown) and Stefano's (Fishers) which I have yet to try (but they're on the list!)--anywhere else?

4705 East 96th Street
Indy 46240

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  1. I recommend Brozzini's in Greenwood at Co Line Rd and Emerson. Tasty New York goodness!

  2. WB pizza at 62nd and Allisonville has vegan options in addition to a robust meat eater menu. Kid friendly too.

  3. But, you forgot to mention the terrific Junior Salad at Arni's...large enough to split along with your pizza or sandwich.

  4. Eh Formaggio on the northwest side is probably the closest to New York style pizza that you're going to find in Indy proper. I think it's fairly good. Not mind-blowing, though.

  5. I realize this is an old post, but I just found your blog and am reading my way through it. DH and I are foodies who just moved to Indy and we're enjoying getting to know the city! Anway, best pizza we have found happens to be right around the corner from us - Amore Pizzeria in Zionsville ( AMAZING! And true New York pizza - opened by a pair of brothers who left NYC some time after 9/11. Not sure how or why they ended up in Zionsville, but I am happy they did. You have got to check this place out. You won't be sorry!

  6. I used to travel to NYC several times a year and always made it a point to eat as much authentic "NY-Neapolitan" style pizza (e.g. the coal-fired brick oven type found at di Fara's/Lombardi's), as well as "true Neapolitan" style pizza (i.e., true to wood-fired style found in Naples), as possible. I'd even settle for a decent "NY slice joint" (foldable & cooked in a gas oven) style (e.g., Joe's on Bleecker). I follow sites like (which describes 21 types of regional pizzas: & and drool longingly and look forward to my next trip East. I'm on a constant quest to find something similar in Indy, and it's been an OVERWHELMING disappointment. I've tried Eh Formaggio, Bella, Napolese, and various other local joints to no avail. I've come to the conclusion there's nothing that comes close to the three styles mentioned above in IN. I may find the wherewithal to try Pizzology & Italia Mia (owned by a former partner at Cio's) in Westfield but will not have high expectations. If I'm desperate, I may drive to Great Lake in Chicago (voted best in America by GQ and best in the Midwest by Rachel Ray.)

  7. You should go to Brozzini's