Monday, April 30, 2018

Love Handle - Revisit

I met up with my friend Suzanne and went to Love Handle recently—she had really good things to say, and my last meal at the old location was good. They have really expanded into a pretty large storefront on the east end of Mass Ave. It’s a casual, cute space with bright green and yellow vinyl upholstery and kitschy décor. A big chalkboard announces the menu, and they have kept up their love of all things hearty and including many parts of animals that aren’t always highlighted on local menus—tongue, gizzards, sweetbreads, etc. Lots of pork belly on there as well (and more approachable items too). They have a breakfast and lunch menu (and you can order from either at lunchtime) and they have added some dinner selections as well. I am particularly intrigued by fish fry Friday. Going to have to go check it out.

Anyhow, we decided to get a couple of things and share, as we usually do. When I saw chicken schnitzel and waffle ($12), I knew I would have to try it, and man is it delicious. It is one of those dishes that as soon as you start eating it, you know it’s going to be something you crave. It’s a thinner waffle than many, but I like the size of it---it compliments the chicken rather than overpowering it. And even though I don’t typically like sweet things for my meal, this was the perfect flavor combination. The chicken was very heavily seasoned and just so savory that the sweet butter and waffle was a perfect match. The chicken was really thin, but so darn good. Seriously, this is an item I keep thinking about. I hope it’s on the menu next time I go.

I was intrigued by the “Jen” sandwich ($14 I think?) because it had pork belly with jam, but also blue cheese and pickled daikon. Normally, again, I don’t go for something sweet on a sandwich, but seems to be common here, and I do like blue cheese with jam. However, this sandwich just didn’t wow me as much. The thing about pork belly is some pieces are really good and some are just too fatty for me. And I really wanted more blue cheese to balance everything out.  Also, it seems like back at the other location they gave you some popcorn with your sandwich, but now it’s a side you have to pay extra for, which is sort of a bummer. But they are certainly doing interesting things here. I think maybe I like the breakfast items the best, but that’s not really surprising given how much I like eggs. And breakfast.

You should go check this place out though and see what you think. And let me know what your favorite items are.

Love Handle
877 Massachusetts Ave
Indy 46204

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  1. We have been trying to get here for over a year and finally made this new location on the east-most block of Mass. Ave. The menu is on the wall. You order at the register and they bring it to you. The staff is very friendly and informative, so one gets good vibes. We think the menu is too centered on things pork belly, pork cheeks and pork tongue. That said, we both had the vegetarian Biscuits and Gravy made with tomatoes and beets ($9). It was delicious and plentiful. Next time we will share it. Coffee was a little pricey at $3, out of a push-down carafe and was not that great. The decor is sort of utilitarian but has some whimsical stuff here and there. Back to the menu. Several sets of people came in and walked out after looking at it. Our advice is that they add two or three more traditional items to grab people's attention. Maybe the menu is their signature, however. There are other items, including beer and wine, and they have Breakfast All Day with various items, Fish Friday and Rotisserie Chicken Saturday. It is worth a visit to help get a locally-owned family run restaurant get established.