Monday, June 13, 2016

Table by Market District - Revisit

I really enjoyed my first meal at Table at Market District and was anxious to see if the second experience lived up to it. I met a friend over there for lunch to check it out. First of all, their business has picked up a fair amount since my first visit. The hostess asked if I had a reservation. I didn’t, and it wasn’t a problem, but it was pretty full.

This time I was trying to be healthy so I went with the rotisserie cobb salad ($12). It was marked as a “chef’s pick” so I thought I would check it out. When I ordered it, the server said they tossed it in the creamy buttermilk chive dressing. I said that was fine, but could I have a little extra on the side? So when I got my salad, it was not tossed with the dressing, which was a bummer. Cobbs can be sort of a pain to eat if at least the greens are dressed just because it’s so hard to get a bite of many things at once. There was nothing inherently wrong with the salad-it had egg, bacon, blue cheese, rotisserie chicken, avocado and some caramelized onions on top (although the menu just simply said red onion). The ingredients were fine, although the blue cheese was pretty scarce, but the salad was just ok. Nothing to make it stand out. The chicken was probably the best thing because it was shredded and pretty tender.

My friend had the CBLT ($12 with an upgrade to fries as a side). This is their version of a BLT with grilled chicken, arugula and pesto in addition to the bacon and tomato. First of, the fries are really good. Nice and browned and pleasantly crisped. They needed a little more salt, but that was easy to fix. The sandwich had a very distinct taste of the basil from the pesto. And the chicken suffered from the problem that large chicken breasts on sandwiches often do—it was big and a little tough and a little hard to eat. Would love slices of chicken making it easier to bite into. Or hey, maybe some of that rotisserie chicken.

I still think it’s a good option for a decent lunch in that area of Carmel. I would definitely lean back toward that pizza I had last time with the egg on it though, it was much more tasty. And the fries are very good, so maybe trying one of their various “knife and fork” fries options would be a good idea.

Table by Market District
11505 North Illinois
Carmel, IN  46032

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