Thursday, June 30, 2016

Milktooth - Revisit

A couple months ago I posted about Milktooth and my friend who has recently moved from Indy to Austin saw the post and requested a trip there when she was returning to Indy to visit. Of course, I was more than happy to oblige.

And guess what?? They were featuring soft shell crab on one of their dishes. And guess which one I got? This dish was so unique, and so delicious. So it was this savory French toast—which was so tender and absorbed the deliciousness that came from the sunny egg that was on top of it. The crab was then fried and laid beside it all. There was a miso turmeric broth that everything sat in. Even without the crab, which was cooked just right, I would have been happy with this dish—the bread and the egg with the sauce was great. Add that crisp crab and the pickled veggies and capers and it was perfection. A bunch of things I never would have thought to put together, but a bunch of things that should be together. Sadly, the soft shell season is fleeting, but this is a dish I would order any day. I will say, they also had skate wing on the menu on this day, another of my favorite things that you don’t see enough on menus, so I am hoping to get to try it there one day too. My point is, when you eat there, don’t be afraid to try something totally out of your comfort zone or something that might sound like a weird combo. For instance, one of the friends who was with us also ordered the soft shell crab even though she had never had it before and really enjoyed it.

My friend who requested we go there was set to get the Belgian waffle ($13), which I am sure is delicious with its salted butter and parmesan combo and she asked what I thought. I told her she could eat a Belgian waffle anywhere, so she decided to try the Dutch baby pancake with strawberry rhubarb topping and toasted almonds. She seemed to enjoy it and the bite I had was very good. I don’t tend to order sweets for any meal, but this was a more original take on a sweet breakfast item, and I love strawberry rhubarb anything. The pancake itself has a nice crisp exterior and a soft airy interior.

Ok, I told you I can’t really go to Milktooth anymore without ordering those Korean chicken wings ($12) and I wasn’t lying. So I ordered a plate for the table. Just as delicious as always. So crispy underneath that delicious sweet/hot sauce. Squeeze of lime—perfection.

This is certainly one of my favorite places to eat right now, and every time I go, I am excited by the new items on the menu. And the chicken wings.

540 Virginia Ave
Indy  46203

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