Thursday, June 23, 2016

Sushi Bar - Revisit

Just because I want to, I’m writing about my go-to sushi place again-- Sushi Bar. People ask me all the time where I go for sushi now that H2O is gone (we still miss them) and Sushi Bar is what I tell them. There is one caveat though, if all you want is sashimi or nigiri (not rolls), I would choose somewhere else. That is just not their expertise. The rolls are also great because they are not the as big as your head variety. I like to be able to eat a piece without struggling to fit it in my mouth.

We were with the in-laws on this visit, so we got to get all our favorites (we usually get the same two and then vary the third choice) plus one we had never had before. One of the two we always get is the 2009 roll. It has shrimp tempura on the inside and spicy tuna and avocado on the outside with tempura flakes and spicy mayo. We also always get the Christmas roll ($7.99) which is spicy tuna inside and lots of avocado sliced on the outside and then topped with pretty red tobiko. We also alternate between the Spider wig, which is soft shell crab inside with spicy mayo and eel sauce and little piece of pineapple on top that adds a nice little kick of sweetness and acid, and the fantasy roll, which had tempura scallop inside with spicy mayo, avocado and crispy crab strings on top. As far as the spider wig roll goes, I am normally not a pineapple person, but this is just right. Sometimes the fantasy roll really wows me, but this time the scallop tasted a little fishy, so I only ate one piece. But I like the slightly crunchier crunch that it has over the regular tempura.

The new roll we tried was the wasabi roll ($10.99), which we ended up really enjoying as well. It might even go into the regular rotating alternative roll. It had tempura asparagus inside (there were two pieces side by side) and was topped with salmon, spicy mayo and wasabi tobiko. It had all my favorite things about a sushi roll—the requisite crunch from the tempura and a bit from the tobiko as well as the silkiness from the salmon and moisture from the mayo. It was a nice roll and the asparagus and salmon were a nice variation from our usual choices.

In general, rolls are between $5-$14 or so, sorry I don’t have all the specifics on my particular rolls, but I feel like they are comparatively well priced for rolls. Obviously, the more ingredients, the more expensive they become. The service is very friendly, particularly when you become a regular (they worry when only three of the four of our family comes in). They know what we drink and tend to bring them quickly. They are generally busy on weekend nights (when we tend to go), but I have never had to wait very long, if at all.

Anyone else a regular here?

Sushi Bar
911 Broad Ripple Avenue
Indy  46220

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