Thursday, March 10, 2016

Sangrita - Quick revisit

A girlfriend and I were taking our tequila-loving trainer out as a Christmas gift, so we decided to go to Sangrita. I knew they had an extensive tequila menu and I liked their food on my first couple of visits.

They have expanded their menu to include more than it used to, which was just tacos and sides, but it was Taco Tuesday ($2.50 tacos and $5 house margaritas) so we went mainly with tacos.

Actually, we started with the salsa tasting, which came with three salsas, including a tomatillo based one and a habanero salsa, as well as some cowboy caviar. To be completely honest, I was a little underwhelmed with the platter. The salsas were a bit lackluster and I wished for more acid with the cowboy caviar (which is a dip made with beans, avocado, corn and red pepper) and the chips themselves are pretty standard. I wished we had ordered the queso that hubby and I had the first time because it is much more interesting.

The tacos though were just as good as I remember and I thoroughly enjoyed mine. I had two of the chicken ones—which are made with chicken thighs marinated in tequila and topped with house crema, onion and cilantro. They are fairly simple, but mighty delicious. They have just the right amount of crema to give you a tender taco. And I was glad to learn about taco Tuesday, when the tacos are $2.50 rather than $4. And the house margaritas, which are quite tasty as well, are reduced from $7 to $5.

I would certainly return for drinks and tacos and I would like to try some of the other appetizers and possibly some of the newer main dishes as well, even though I really enjoy the tacos.

Sangrita Saloon
834 East 64th Street
Indy 46220

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  1. Agree about the queso there... it is really good!