Thursday, March 31, 2016

Milktooth - Quickie Revisit

Hubby and I have had a couple of visits back to Milktooth over the last few weeks when appointments brought us downtown together. We got to try several different items and enjoy one of Indy’s most inventive and consistently good places to eat. I love that they’re a breakfast and brunch only place because as hubby said, “You know they’re bringing their A game.” This is their thing and they’re rocking it.

Both trips we had the Korean BBQ wings ($12) and these things are just spectacular. Extra crispy even though they are coated in that slightly sweet, just barely spicy sticky sauce. Add a squeeze of the lime that comes with and you’re in heaven (even if you’ll need the wet napkin they brought afterwards to wipe up).

Another amazing dish that I could happily eat any day was the rye bialy with big eye tuna salad ($12). It was served on the delicious and soft bialy (smallish bagel type bread without a hole) and under the tuna salad was whipped cream cheese and red onions. On top were little shoots and lots of capers. This dish had so much good acid, and so much good fresh crunch, it just made me so happy.

We also shared the milktooth double burger ($12) with two lamb and beef patties, American cheese, steamed onions, “fancy sauce,” and shredded romaine. Kind of Milktooth’s version of a Big Mac I guess, but so much better. A nice solid burger.

On each trip we ordered a side and while I enjoyed the celeriac and potato latke ($5), hubby was not as big a fan—I think because of the onion marmalade, which had a bit of sweetness. I agree I prefer the more savory latkes I have had at Milktooth, but I scraped off the onions and enjoyed it. They get their latkes so, so crispy. The twice-fried tostones with chili ketchup ($6) didn’t really wow either of us though. They were just kind of soft and just fell a little flat. We only ate a couple of them.

Overall though, this place continues to be one of Indy’s stars. I don’t care if it’s hipsterish, they can do whatever they want as long as they keep putting out this level of creativity and deliciousness.

540 Virginia Ave
Indy  46203

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