Thursday, January 14, 2016

Marco's Pizza

Here’s real quickie one—even though it is not a place that I have written about before, since we only got the one pizza (well, we only ate the one pizza), I thought I would just mention Marco’s. This place is a chain, but I had it at a kid’s birthday party and thought, hey, this is pretty good pizza so we ordered it for my daughter and her friends on her birthday.

Hubby and I got our classic toppings—red onion and mushroom. We also heated up our pizza stone in the oven while we waited for the delivery (I like that you can set a delivery early in the day to come at a certain time). The crust has a good amount of chewiness that I like and the sauce is not sweet. And there isn’t too much of it. We got it crisp on the stone, and it was a tasty diner. I will say though, I sort of hate their website—for some reason it is really difficult to just see what’s on the menu and how many people the pies serve.

All in all, it is a decent delivery option. Honestly, better than most I have found. It’s not overtopped and the crust has a nice yeasty flavor. What do you think? What’s your go-to easy delivery option for pizza?

Marco’s Pizza
7002 Lake Plaza Drive (multiple locations)
Indy 46220


  1. Marco's is my favorite local chain for American pizza. I prefer their thin crust, and their pepperoni pizza... with two kinds of pepperoni... is really good. I now live way up by Morse, so I often order Pizza Harbour, their harbour hot chicken pizza is great. Nothing beats a trip to Pizzology when I want "real" pizza and pasta.

  2. Mediterranean Pizza in Brownsburg is my favorite delivery pizza right now. They have this garlic dipping sauce that is incredible. Or Rockstar if they actually delivered as far as my house. Marco's or Hot Box for chains.

  3. I haven't had Marco's since they had a promotion at the apartment complex we used to live at. It wasn't bad from what I remember. My favorite delivery option right now is probably Hotbox, but their website is terrible also. Also I actually like Papa Johns even though that's probably an unpopular opinion. I actually like the sweetness of their sauce. I pretty much like all pizza though so I'm a bad person to ask.