Monday, May 18, 2015

Perrotta's Kitchen Supper Club - Revisit

I had the opportunity to once again dine at Perrotta’s Supper Club recently. It’s a cool concept—Gustavo Perrotta is a talented chef, but does these dinner parties as more of a hobby and passion. He holds a couple of dinners a month, usually at Indy’s Kitchen and now also at a North side location. He does a set 4 course menu for 12 people ($50 a person)—you can either sign up to just go to one of his scheduled dinners and meet some new people, or you can organize your own dinner with your own schedule and invite friends. This is what we did this time.

The food at Perrotta’s is as lovely as it is tasty. Our first course--well, it was an amuse bouche, was a little tasting of salmon tartare with a spicy mayo and a garlic infused soy sauce on a crispy plantain chip. The other was salmon wrapped around a thin cucumber stick and topped with a bit of goat cheese, a teeny slice of tomato and salmon roe. Both were delicious. I could have easily eaten a plateful, but I guess that’s why its an amuse bouche, right? Both were seasoned just perfectly—enough to appreciate the seasonings, but not so much to lose the inherent flavor of the salmon.

The next course was an Argentinean style empanada filled with mushrooms, ricotta and gruyere cheese. There was a balsamic glaze underneath and some micro greens on top. Apparently Argentinean style is a slightly dryer style of pastry, not the flakier kind you see with other empanadas. The flavors went nicely together. I like that salty, slightly nutty kick of gruyere. I particularly liked it when you got a nice bite with everything including the greens and the balsamic. Several in our group picked this course as their favorite.

The main course was a squid ink risotto with various shellfish—there were rings of calamari and pieces of shrimp mixed into the risotto and there was a nice piece of lobster tail and a perfectly seared scallop on top. The plate was dotted with red pepper sauce and parsley puree. I was impressed by how well all the individual pieces of shellfish were cooked. They were all nice and tender. The squid ink gives a nice color contrast, although I have never felt like it adds a dramatic amount of flavor. The risotto was nicely cooked though—not too firm and not too squishy either.

The dessert course was really good, and one of the Chef’s grandmother’s recipe. It was a guava bread pudding with vanilla ice cream. This was baked in a bowl and I loved the way the edges that cooked against the dish got really crisp—you kind of had to dig it out with your spoon, but it was so good, even though I was getting really full. I appreciated that it wasn’t gigantic though.

Again, I am always impressed by just how lovely the food is at Perrotta’s and it also tastes really good. The format is really fun because you get to interact with the chef and watch the food prepared in front of you. It’s something different to do food-wise and is a fun way to interact with a group of your own friends or meet some new people.

Perrotta’s Kitchen
Supper Club
Indy’s Kitchen
2442 Central Ave
Indy 46205

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