Thursday, May 7, 2015

Mambo's Cheesesteak Grill (City Market)- Breakfast

The other day I met my book club at the City Market for brunch. It was Saturday and I was really hoping to partake in that really amazing sounding brunch menu I had seen from Circle City Soups. Sadly for me, they weren’t open this particular Saturday and apparently 3 days in Paris was very backlogged with a staffing problem. So as I stood next to Circle City Soups, thinking about that BLT on their most amazing croissant, I noticed the place next door (Mambo’s Cheese Steak Grill) was open and making breakfast, and they even had a croissant sandwich as well. So I went for it. Apparently this place is pretty brand new.

The people there were very nice and efficient and made my food just as I ordered it—I wanted my egg runny and they did it runny, it was topped with bacon and cheese and I got a side of the breakfast potatoes ($6.50). They were thinly sliced potatoes cooked on the flattop and seasoned with a seasoning salt. I asked them to cook them extra crisp—they did leave them on longer and they were crisper than one of my friend’s, but I wished for even more. But you know, overall it was a decent breakfast sandwich. The croissant was solid (no Circle City Sweets croissant, but really, how many are?), and the egg was perfect. The bacon was so so, but the overall sandwich hit the spot. I do wish they served their food in something other than styrofoam--I hate that stuff for so many reasons.

And as I waited for my food, I noticed some of their more interesting sounding takes on a cheese steak—they have several different Latin versions that I would like to try—for instance, one called the Chivito, which includes grilled steak, bacon, ham, fried egg, mozzarella cheese and is topped with lettuce, tomatoes, and Aji (cilantro, jalapenos, garlic and olive oil sauce). And there’s a lomo sandwich with Peruvian flavors—grilled steak, onions, tomatoes, cilantro and fries and more of the Aji sauce. This is a take on a Peruvian dish that I have had several times at Peruvian places and really liked. I am really anxious to try it.

I know it’s new, but anyone else been and had one of their non-breakfast sandwiches?

Mambo’s Cheesesteak Grill
City Market
222 East Market
Indy 46204
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