Thursday, May 21, 2015

Movable Feast - Revisit

My friends at Movable Feast have relocated to a new location and I tried a new sandwich (I can’t quit that jerk pork on Wednesdays and now Saturdays too) so I figured it was as good a time as any to get a new post out there. 

Their new location is on 65th Street right next to Bier Brewery. It’s not your typical location for a restaurant, but worth seeking out—and if you want a beer, you can conveniently go next door. The new space is enormous compared to their old one—they still have some outdoor seating and it’s a bit nicer since it’s on a road that is less busy. The inside seating has increased dramatically and is very spacious—making it easier to have a conversation with someone without feeling like you’re right on top of your neighbor.

Getting to the new sandwich though—I tried the “monster melt” ($7 with choice of side) for the first time. The owners had mentioned they thought I would like it, and they were right. It is a hot sandwich made with grilled whole grain bread, mozzarella, bacon, fresh guacamole, tomato, field greens and chipotle mayo.  This is the special on certain days only, so follow their twitter feed to know when @INdyfeast. The bread has the right density and texture to stand up to all the stuff going on in the sandwich. It has just the right amount of that gooey, cheesy factor but with some balance from the bacon. The bacon gives it a firm base as well as some nice salt. I also like the Chipotle mayo. They do nice flavored mayos there, which is the thing that often makes a sandwich great for me. The only thing I took out was the tomato, because I am so picky about them. I appreciated the crunch of the greens as well. This is another very cravable sandwich for me and I can easily see it going into the rotation.

I also had one of their oatmeal chocolate chip peanut butter cookies ($1), which are clearly homemade, and so soft and just perfect. You get just a bit of the peanut butter flavor but with some extra texture from the oatmeal. It’s a great combination and something I should not have started getting because now I want one every time I go.

They are also offering many of their salads and to go type products in coolers near the front door. I am a fan of their dill chicken salad and you can get that there. They change out what they offer each day but I have seen various types of hummus, potato salad, and mac and cheese kicked up with beer from next door. I am happy to see this place expanding both their space and their business and wish them luck. I am also glad they’re still in my neighborhood.

Movable Feast
5143 East 65th Street
Indy 46220

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  1. This place is the best. My personal favorites are the yellowfin tuna sandwich and the cajun chicken grinder. Those cookies, though, are where it's REALLY at. I haven't been into the new location yet, but am planning to go this week. Thanks for shining a light on this (and so many) awesome local businesses.