Thursday, January 1, 2015

Road Trip - Nick's Junction: Roanoke, IN

I have had the good fortune to eat at Joseph Decuis in Roanoke, IN twice in the last couple of months. We always stay at one of their properties as well, and one of the perks is that you get breakfast in the morning at one of the inns. In my experience, it’s always basically the same—some sort of quiche made by the restaurant, a sausage patty and a scone. Hubby and I really like quiche, and the very nice innkeeper who cooks it for us. Last time though, we took the in-laws and the kids and my kids aren’t really down with quiche. We decided to take them to a local breakfast place (it’s the only place to go nearby for breakfast as far as I can tell) we had tried a few years back when we just couldn’t make the 8:30 breakfast time at the inn.

Nick’s Junction is a large, friendly place—it’s usually busy, but not so busy you have to wait, even with a party of 6. I went with my classic breakfast—two eggs, bacon, potatoes and toast. It was all tasty and hit the spot. Was it the best bacon I have ever had? No, but it was fine. The eggs were perfectly over easy they way I like them. I really enjoyed the potatoes. They weren’t exactly hash browns and they weren’t exactly home fries, but they had my requirement of a super browned, crisped edge and a soft interior.

My son had biscuits and gravy—he is becoming quite the connoisseur of them—they looked pretty standard to me, but he liked them well enough. He ended up asking for an additional biscuit to soak up all the gravy. He ate it all. It also came with eggs, which he had scrambled. I don't think he ate them. I don't know why my kids never seem to eat eggs. My daughter had French toast, which she didn’t really eat a lot of, but she would like you to know that she really enjoyed the hot chocolate.
All in all, it’s a good place to stop after a night at Joseph Decuis if you want to sleep in, or you don’t care for quiche. And hey, while we’re talking about B&G, where’s your favorite in Indy?

Nick’s Junction
4215 East Station Road
Roanoke, IN 46783

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  1. My husband's b&g are my favorite in Indy, but outside our home I'd say Good Morning Mama's are the best.