Monday, January 26, 2015

3 Sisters Café- Revisit

This was another lunch in my birthday quest and it was also the lunch that broke my (fairly short-term) resolution to lay off white flour and white sugar. I just needed a sandwich and this is one of my favorites (even though I originally picked the place based on the availability of many salads and egg dishes). I also hadn’t been to 3 Sisters since they moved to their new location across from the Kroger in Broad Ripple. I love that they found another old house to move into, and the interior has much of the same charm of the first place. I can’t quite tell if it has the same amount of seating—there may be the same amount of tables, but it seems a little more cramped inside. They were doing a very good business on the day we were there, even though it was fairly early on a weekday.

I have eaten here a fair amount—a good friend really likes this place, and would make me go with her a lot. Honestly, it took me awhile to latch onto a menu item that was a truly craveable one for me, but I found it. And it’s fairly simple idea, but they just do it so well, it makes my mouth water thinking about it. So, they have a “make your own” grilled cheese option (base is $7)—you get to choose two cheeses and then they have a whole list of things you can add for an additional charge. So, my perfect sandwich is Swiss and Gorgonzola cheese with spinach and bacon (each an extra 75 cents). I know it’s simple, but something about it, and the way they toast the bread so perfectly. It’s super buttery and cooked just the right amount of crunchy. They put the right amount of toppings on there so it isn’t too spinachy. And just the right amount of cheese so it isn’t too cheesy either, but still plenty cheesy. The gorgonzola adds that little bit of bite to the flavors. Also, the bread itself is the right thickness and firmness to be perfect. It’s just a “when planets align” thing for me. I also always get the side salad (no cucumber) with their buttermilk ranch.  The salad is an extra $1.50 as a side, but it is a good size and they use lots of fresh mixed greens. I love their buttermilk ranch—it isn’t that fakey stuff that comes from the grocery store.  I like it on the greens and I like to dip my sandwich in it.

Everything I have had here is fresh and good, but this is the thing I go back to again and again because it’s so tasty. Other stuff hasn’t drawn me back in so much. It’s a big menu though, so I would love to know your favorite items (those powerhouse potatoes are pretty darn good too).

3 Sisters Café
6223 North Guilford Avenue
Indy  46220

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