Thursday, March 27, 2014

SoBro Café - Revisit

Recently on a Sunday, we were leaving the Fairgrounds with the kids (Lego Brickworld) and we were all starving. We intended to go to Taste, but they were too busy so we ducked around the corner to SoBro Café and snatched up the last table. I hadn’t been in quite awhile, but was anxious to try the biscuits and gravy ($7.99) again, as it is one of my favorites in town (I even wrote about it recently in the newest edition of Edible Indy.) Hubby and I decided to share this as well as the “Good Morning” wrap ($8.99).

As before, I still love those biscuits and gravy. One of the things that makes them so good is that the biscuits underneath are so dang delicious. They are fluffy, but dense enough to stand up to the gravy.  The gravy tastes heavily of the breakfast sausage being used. The thing I like about it is that it isn’t overly gloppy the way gravy sometimes is. It has a lighter, slightly thinner consistency. My son tried it for the first time and his eyes lit up. Pretty sure I know what he’ll be getting next time we go.

I was glad we split it with something else though, because even though the gravy is not as heavy as some, it is still too much for me to eat an entire plate. The “Good Morning” wrap was a good match. It was scrambled eggs with sautéed mushrooms and cheddar, as well as spinach (I had them hold the red peppers) and garlic aioli. This was certainly not as heavy as the B&G. I really liked the addition of the garlic aioli, which added to the moisture level and upped the taste level as well, giving it more than just the tastes of the individual ingredients. I am a firm believer in some sort of sauce or spread to tie sandwiches and wraps together.

The kids had a bison burger ($10.49) and the French toast ($6.99). Both were quite happy. I would be interested to try the bison burger with everything they normally serve it with, as my daughter just wanted it with cheese. It was a good-sized burger though and the meat was lightly seasoned and very moist—and you have to be careful with bison not to cook it too long and totally dry it out.

I was happy that our service didn’t waiver throughout the meal, even though the restaurant was very full. Sometimes you worry in a place with such a small kitchen when it is so crowded (and there were a couple of large parties). Our food came in a timely fashion and our server was very friendly.  And for those of you looking for brunch spots where you can also have a drink, I had a lovely mimosa with my meal as well. 

I am looking forward to getting those biscuits and gravy again soon.

SoBro Café
653 East 52nd Street
Indy 46205


  1. Love the super foods salad there. I get it every time.

  2. I haven't eaten there and from your description of their biscuits and gravy, I may not give it a try. I love my gravy white and thick, and I certainly don't want it to taste sausagy. I prefer Bob Evans country gravy made with black pepper and cream. A little sausage is fine, but too many restaurants dump in the sausage and then charge 8 bucks for it. I like the B&G best as these places: Madison Grill, Steak & Shake, Peppy's, and Biscuits in Broad Ripple. Also, those breakfast potatoes in your photo looked a bit overdone.

    1. different strokes...if that's your style, you might want to try the Keystone Deli version.