Monday, July 23, 2012

Road Trip--The Story Inn

The Story Inn has been on my list for quite awhile but we just never managed to get down there—it is in a somewhat secluded little town (um, called Story) near Nashville, Indiana.  It just so happened this summer my daughter went to camp nearby so hubby and I decided to go spend the night and have dinner the night before we were due to pick her up.

The restaurant/inn is a really charming little place with creaky floors and supposedly a resident ghost. We rented one of the rooms in an adjoining building.  It was very rustic—if you want a country type getaway for a night, this might be your cup of tea.  Honestly, it was a little close to camping for me, and I if you knew me, you would know I am not much of a camper.

The restaurant has a fairly limited menu, which looks like it changes seasonably—honestly, this was one of the days that it was about 103 degrees outside so I was having a hard time committing to a really big meal.  I just have a hard time eating a ton when it is that hot.  I started with the “blue lady” salad (named after the aforementioned ghost).  It was a salad of mixed greens, blue cheese, grapes and walnuts with a blueberry vinaigrette ($7.50).  I am generally not a fan of really sweet salad dressings and was a little wary of this one, but it was really good. Possibly because blueberries aren’t so inherently sweet as other types of berries—it also seemed to have a nice balance of acid in it.  The nuts and blue cheese are always one of my favorite things--and when I make my own cheese plates, I almost always add grapes as well—so really this was a nice assortment of things I really like together with a nice dressing. I would get it again.

For my main, I decided to go with an appetizer—the BBQ pork sliders.  For $8.00, this was a really good deal and the homemade bbq pork was really tasty—it was super tender and juicy—it had sauce mixed all the way through that had a nice tangy kick to it.  My only complaint was it was just a little too salty—and it could have used something alongside (slaw or something) to balance the flavors more and give it a little texture.  It was just a little too one dimensional, just the meat and the bun (which were nice and soft but weren’t anything that you couldn’t get at the grocery).  It was certainly a generous portion, and more than enough for people to share as an appetizer.

I also shared a fair amount of hubby’s eggplant parmesan ($21) and it was really tasty.  The eggplant was super crunchy breaded, but what I really liked that not only was it still crunchy even with the marinara, but you could also really taste (and see) the eggplant in the crust.  It seems like eggplant is often lost in a sea of sauce and cheese in this dish, but this one was one of the better versions I have had.  The sauce was chunky and clearly homemade and had the right sweet and slightly acidic flavor.  There was a decent amount of melted cheese as well, but not so much that it felt like you were just eating a big gooey plate of cheese.

We shared a dessert—a dark chocolate pot de crème ($5.50).  It was fine but nothing really amazing. I was looking for a darker chocolate flavor than this—I really like the bitterness of really good dark chocolate and this was mostly just sweet.

I liked the atmosphere of the place visually.  The thing that kind of freaked me out is that it was strangely quiet.  There were a fair amount of people, but no one was really talking besides for us. There was also no background music, which it really seemed to need.  There was also only one server for the whole place, and while she was nice, there was no way she could be everywhere she needed to be in a timely fashion.  I imagine it is hard to staff a place like this out in the middle of nowhere, unless they have reservations.  But they were certainly a little understaffed.  It is a cute place, but I sort of felt like it was a bit of an off night.  I am not sure what high season for a place like this is (Fall maybe?) but they didn’t seem quite ready for the small crowd they had.  The food was good though, and I might be intrigued enough to go again.

Who’s been and what did you think?

The Story Inn
6404 State Road 135 South
Nashville, IN 47448
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  1. This place has also been on my list forever. Glad to see a review from you that helps me keep it on my list.

  2. We spend a long weekend in Brown County every summer, and we always rent canoes from a place out past Story. I've driven by it a million times, but had never eaten there until this summer. We just had brunch, but it was very good. I had biscuits and gravy, and loved them. My husband had a pulled pork barbecue sandwich that I also tasted, and it was great. I liked the setting and the little details (who doesn't like drinking from a mason jar?). I would love to try it for dinner. I think fall is definitely the busy season for this place (and all of Nashville).

  3. Here's the correct web link:

    Also, if you're ordering an appetizer as a main course, you should also order a side, if that's what you think may enhance said appetizer..


  4. Correct web link:

    Appetizers are appetizers. Sides are sides. Entrees include sides......

  5. thanks for your comments!

    Gottfried: I saw no sides offered on the menu or I would have ordered one. Also, I didn't have the appetite for an entree, but have still have had many appetizers that have more balanced flavors. This is not to say we didn't enjoy what we had, but you seem annoyed that I didn't order a side.

  6. Story Inn is busier in the fall. Our party of 5 adults didn't anticipate a long wait for dinner at a restaurant located in the middle of Noplace & Nowhere. Boy were we wrong! This was at least 4 years ago but I do remember that we arrived around 7, stood outside & waited a half hour to get seated & waited an additional 30 min. for BBQ pulled pork sandwiches. We were crazy hungry & inhaled our sandwiches. They were tasty but not swoonworthy.

    Patrons continued to stream in after we ate. I never did get to see the inside & have every intention of fixing that this year.

    I would've forgotten about this place if it weren't for your review.

  7. My mother and stepfather lived nearby Story for many years and the Inn was their "got to" place.

    I have never been disappointed and if you are back in the neighborhood check them out for breakfast or brunch.